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This is the article I was referring to about what Kalani did last week to get his team on the right track.

For those that didn’t see it, I thought you might enjoy reading it.

He then reportedly took over play-calling duties from his longtime friend and defensive coordinator Iliaisa Tuiaki and stuck his nose in every position meeting and huddle. In one week, he installed blitzes, six- and seven-men defensive fronts, which is his background.

So-would I get my wish of seeing Iliaki quietly leave the program for a dynamic new DC? BTW; saw a lot of 3-8 in the NFL yesterday but then they have true speed and talent while BYU has true speed at maybe 1 position and talent a 3 or 4 positions on D.

I will have to re-read it again. And yes, I read one part about Kalani took over the DC against BSU. Good move. But nothing was happening in the 4th qtr and explain to me why it happened like no sacks, no hurries on Cord and why they got within 3 points with 3 minutes left in game regulation?

I think part of it was adjustments made during the quarters by the BSU coaches to mitigate BYU aggressive defense.

I will have to admit though that it looked like each team offense picked a quarter to do something. BYU big quarter was the 3rd, while BSU was the fourth.

I am not sure who mentioned it, but it was said that BYU went into “prevent” defense. That may be the case, but not sure if that is what actually happened.

I did have a thought, does it seem that BYU players seemed to be “gassed” during the 4th quarter? Someone on sports talk radio brought it up. That may be the reason for the bad 4th quarters.
What to do about it, not sure.

That is the problem, BYU Football has no depth compared to like Bama, OSU and etc. (Utah too).

that would be my answer

We went into prevent offense as well. We stopped throwing the ball and just tried to run out the clock. Preventing a win as we call it.