Format of Big12 sucks…

With 25 minutes played, TCU has 15 points. Back to back sucks. Divisions and 3 games in 5 days would work. Then a championship game for the Big12.

Can’t remember who it was, but they mention doing away with conference tournaments. That won’t happen because of the $$$ involved.

Not sure what the answer is, but I think this is a lot to put on teams, then be able to be “fresh” for the NCAA tournament? that’s not happening! :open_mouth:

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TCU had like 30 offensive rebounds and only scored 45 points. They couldn’t focus on their shots either. At least BYU almost made a game of it shrinking the lead from 24 down to 7. Then couldn’t keep it up. Khalifa says he injured his ankle. Not sure about that. I was surprised that Waterman rotated in as the 5 instead of Atiki.

I said post season conference tourneys should be done away with. It only benefits teams with no shot of making the NCAA. Sometimes you can improve your seeding but you can also get guys injured. We saw that today with Khalifa.

Big twelve teams played 18 conference games. The way things look right now I don’t think anybody who was in will get left out and probably nobody who was out will get in unless Cincinnati gets hot and pulls off a couple more upsets. Kansas St was a marginal bubble team and beat Texas last night but got rolled by Iowa St tonight. Probably not much changes for them.

I think UT, Okla, Baylor, T Tech, TCU, BYU, Kansas, Iowa St, and Houston all make the tournament. Cinncinati and K State are out. I don’t think the Big Twelve tournament changed anything as far as who gets invited. Seedlings will change some. BYU will fall a spot or two and Tech will gain a spot or two.

It is possible the committee could take K St over UT based on K St beating UT in the tournament but not likely. It is also possible Okla or Tx gets left out. Maybe both depending on what happens in other conference tournaments. The point is nobody who was on the outside when the tournament started played its way into the tournament.

I was kinda of hoping that the championship would boil down to BYU vs Cincy. Wouldn’t that be a kicker?

BYU right now is still a 5 seed but playing on Pitt. rather then SL City. I still have faith that BYU can choose to pick SL (weaker 5 seep placement) over Pitt. SDSU is sitting in that spot on Lunardi

We are still ahead of TTU, who was a 7 seed before they beat BYU. they are now a 6 seed and raising fast

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