Former Coach passes away

Frank Arnold passed away.

Former BYU Cougars basketball coach Frank Arnold dies at 89 – Deseret News

I learned a lot from his coaching class I took at BYU that helped my success for the years I coached basketball. A couple of shooting tips he gave made me a better shooter during intramural games too. I remember the “pick your nose” with the pointer finger. When I did my student teaching Dixon Jr. High in Provo, there were some very skilled 7th and 8th graders that would go down to BYU at nights to play in pickup games. One student in a class was a nerd who obviously had never shot a basketball. So, he would never play in games during class. I took him off to the side and showed him the Frank Arnold’s technique. He practiced for a couple of days. I then put him in a game with these talented kids. At first, they wouldn’t pass to him. So, I made them pass it to him when he’s open. He hit 5 midrange shots in a row. The other kids started accepting him more. It was cool to see that. Arnold was a great coach during the Ainge-Kite-Roberts-Durrant-Trumbo days.

And you haven’t slowed down since. You still use that pointer finger to “pick your nose”.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I understand Arnold like the pick the nose move as opposed to the pick and roll.

That is all well and good as long as you always remember:
You can pick your friends.
You can pick your nose.
But you can never pick your friend’s nose! :sweat_smile:

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I’m so good at it that you’ll never know or see it :grin:

Like a T-rex, fish can’t reach their noses. So, reach out to a Fish and help him out. Pick his nose next time you go fishing :rofl: