Former players talk about why BYU players are not being drafted

Some the guys talking were standouts…
I believe a lot of what these guys are saying:

If you are LDS, and a 4-5 star player, would you choose to go to a P5 University (Utah), or an Independent University just 40 miles away, (BYU)?

If you are a 4-5 star player would you choose a University that recruits most of it’s
recruits that have been offered by 5,6,7,8 other P5 Universities, (Utah) or BYU with
most new recruits not having been offered by any of the P5 conferences?

If you are a 4-5 star player, would you choose a University that appreciates the stars that (one way or another) you have earned, (Utah), or would you choose the University that says that your stars don’t matter?

If you are a 4-5 star player, do you want to join a team that the NFL actively recruits from, (Utah), or do you want to choose BYU, which the NFL seems to not appreciate?

Are we at BYU bleeding to death with our football program? Is it a painfull slow death? Do we need a transfussion to revitalize life as we once knew it?

If so, is the School Administration, and the Church, among those doctors and medicines, that are capable of giving the needed transfusion now, or are we going to wait until the patient (BYU FOOTBALL) dies, and than say, oh we should have given the patient the transfusion that it so urgently needed.

What’s the cure doctor??!

You find another Bronco or a Pope in football clothing.

Like Andrew gentry chose to play for bronco Mendenhall at UVA which I don’t blame him. And again we lost this Kaufusi kid where he transfer to Utah.

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I think it depends on the individual player, some atheltes really goes to school to get an education. At BYU, while not a P5 school, it has one of the best law schools in the country, as well as their business school is ranked in the top ten. There might be other areas where they are top in the country, I just know about these two.

Ron, I think you need to look at several of our current players and recruits, most of them have had offers to many P5 schools and yet they chose BYU.
As an examp Uriah Leiataua was recruited by UCLA, Wisconsin and USC as well as BYU. He chose BYU because he wanted an education

This is Bronco Mendenhall, NOT Kalani Sitake. You also have to consider that the BOT instructed Bronco to clean up the program after Crowton. Most of the issues were coming from Star Athletes.

Kalani has stated in the press, he wants to get the program back to where a kid has a good chance to go to the NFL, He wants to make that happen for as many players as he can.

Interesting you say this, I read an article just the other week about this.
Read this, maybe it will help you understand the situation:

the big issue is independence, I am not sure the schedule can be handled without a lot of players being injuries. Injuries hurts BYU more than other schools, because they have to be selective in who they get because of academics. Several good players have left because of academics.

Let me toss this in with your “wanting and education.” I agree. And, it’s not that the other schools won’t give you a great education. It’s that if you want to focus better and not get caught up in the party schools, then BYU is the place. It was with me, a non-member at the time.

I changed my major from an Associates degree in law enforcement to teacher education. I had already been accepted to San Jose St. which had the best administration of justice department in the country at that time. I also was accepted at UCLA where my brother graduated at. And he managed to get a great education bio-physics and landed a great job and career. So, what’s the difference?

My wife and I stopped by BYU coming from a vacation back to my home town of Deadwood, South Dakota. We toured the place and the first thing I noticed is no one was smoking in the track or in the basketball courts (1975). The people were great so and I knew this was where I could concentrate on getting a good education. Ya, there was trouble there if you really wanted to find it. But, married student housing was perfect and unusual. So, it’s not whether the professors are better anywhere else. The environment is either a big draw or not a big draw.