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It seems that since the BSA decided to cave in to the demands of the LBGT and forcing the church to split with it decades old support… Things has gotten a bit worse for BSA.

The article is about child abuse. The LGBT did hurt but the lawsuits will be much bigger. The question is will the lawsuits spill over into the Church? If it does, no wonder the Church has saved up $100 billion. Great move!

This is not easy for me to say because even my wife of 20+ years doesn’t know everything that happened to me. I currently struggle with complex ptsd because of things that occured to me as a child in boy scouts/young mens in the church. Growing up without a father in the home, I unfortunately looked up to and trusted many of the adult leaders that I had. I can honestly say that a Bishopric or stake calling does not make individuals men of god. My direct scout and young men’s leaders were good men who probably never suspected that there were those above them who used their positions to prey on the vulnerable.

My biggest issue with the new youth program is that I believe that every individual who spends time with youth and children in any capacity should have a full background check. We didn’t have the technology back then but I can tell you that the church was just as at fault if not more in many of the cases like mine. I was silent about this issue for 20 years until I had a trigger that opened up a lot of issues for me. I will share one with you. I do not trust men, especially those who ever use their callings or former callings to show how important or faithful they are.

I pray that no one else on this board had to experience the lifetime of guilt that I carried and felt because of the actions men “overseeing” and “helping” with scouts. I loved scouts, it was some mormon men who ruined the experience for me. I am sure that there are those who will say that victims lie to hurt others and that organizations are perfect/imperfect but my truth is that the church and scouts was intertwined and so deeply rooted that the issues facing BSA are issues facing the church.

Thank you for sharing your feelings and experiences. I know it is difficult to share some of those personal issues. I commend you for your courage, not only for sharing, but to also recognize the need to seek help in dealing with your issues.

Never been abused by LDS leaders, but I sure have been emotionally traumatized by some. So I can understand your comments. A lot of time, the main issue in the church is ignorance. They believe callings will help a person to become better, when all they did was allowed a predator in the doors.

My son was physically assaulted by his scout master. When I brought it up to the Bishop, he basically said it was a “misunderstanding”, which basically floored me.

So with the Bishop and the Scout Master sitting in my front room (where this discussion was had) and after the Bishop comments, I looked at the both of them and said “So we do not have a misunderstanding in the future, Scout Master, if you ever physically abuse one of my kids again, I will put you in the ground permanently, that is not a threat, that is a promise!”

Bishop was appalled at my comments, but I looked at him and basically said… “IF you won’t solve the problem, I will”.

It is also the way I learned to separate the Gospel of Christ (pure and perfect) from the Church (imperfect because of man). Been happier ever since.

Anytime you have an organization that involves women and children there will be sins committed by those who seek power over others and who join (or become active) for the purpose of getting close to children and women and do bad things. As the Lord himself build the Church in his time on earth, he had evil persons join. But the Lord still lives and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is where the true Gospel and ordinances with authority is. I would hope the Church doesn’t hide perpetrators like the Catholic Church did.

For the first time you explained my feelings much better than I did.
I have a question: What happens to the callings, blessings and ordinances when an unworthy priesthood holder performs these callings, blessings and ordinances? That’s when imperfect men and the perfect ordinances come together.

They are still valid blessings/Callings/Ordinances in the eyes of the Lord. HOWEVER, the person who did those blessings/Callings/Ordinances will be held accountable for not being worthy.

At least that is my understanding of the concept.

Thanks for sharing and I hope you get resolution, peace and happy thoughts. I have spent many years in scouts, we have helped many children grow up when the father was not there. We have always had ‘2 deep’ leadership with the boys 100% of the time. Always.

Scouts was the backbone of America for decades, I am sad to see it go. The church is trying but men aren’t men anymore.

Had a leader take my son down at a father’s and son’s outing. my son came to me about it. It was a good thing my son did not fight back (4 years on the Hockey team). I then talked to the leader about it. He was very remorseful about it so I let it go BUT if I ever catch an adult misusing a kid or teen ager. They will get a licking, one way or another. One guy that attacked me is dead now.

One guy that attacked you is dead now? Elaborate please.

Why do you say men aren’t men now?