From bad to worse

Saw first half last night and it was an awful mess

I believe we had around 15 turnovers, not because of great defense but some of the sloppiest lazy passing you’ll ever see at this level

From approx the 17 minute mark to 8 minutes left we scored 5 points, a stretch of 16 points against us without scoring a point, 10 turnovers and horrible defense. Our effort was so poor that our first free throw came at the 3 minute mark, not that it mattered because these guys can’t shoot them anyway.

Collinsworth played badly but Fisher was the worst player on the court. The only reason we weren’t down by 25 at the half was that LBS is not a good team either. They lost all 5 starters last from last year - and still beat this BYU team.

One bright side - Kafusi played well. I stated after the first exhibition game that if this disorganized group was our real team, we were in big trouble. My guess after only two games is that this could be a very long season as defense, passing, shooting and all around effort need big improvements - all things that needed to be gotten game ready during preseason practice but obviously where not.

The upcoming Utah came could be a real ugly event for BYU. Hope that the late start - which Rose had no business agreeing to - was behind the truly bad effort as most of the guys looked mostly asleep. That is my hope anyway.

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pretty good assessment. Lot of rust out there but BYU has the tools if they can work it out. Shinning through all the gunk of turnovers and poor shooting were Kaufusi, Davis and Aytes…as well as the long lost art of defense.

Agree with pretty much everything you said Frank though I do think Fischer and KC were equally bad. The team had no direction because of them, Kaufusi played well in spite of them.

The late start was part of ESPN’s 24 hour marathon so it was not up to Rose. Hawaii was playing Nevada… feel bad for the Wolfpack starting after 1 am pst. BYU looked fine at the beginning of the game and for stretches in the second half so the sleepy thing is a weak excuse.

They just flat out sucked.