From Liberty to Fascism

President Trump outlined the liberty he handed us after 4 years of ridiculousness of Democrats and Rhinos. Now, we see the leader of fascism take his place as President of the once United States of America. Will there be enough Americans who understand the difference between liberty and fascism? And reject fascism and the socialist agenda of the Democrats thirst for power.

Most Americans don’t care about liberty, the constitution, republics, socialism or communism. Most Americans are much too much immersed in sex, their cars, electronics, celebrities, movies, TV, psychoactive substances, gambling, sports, etc. Concerns about liberty and freedom are for eggheads.

Very true. However, polls still show a belief in God. We need to work harder as a Church and be that beacon on a hill. And not cow tow to evil. Save the Constitution!

Granted most Americans are apolitical.
GOP is the nationalist party…
Democrats are the socialist party…

So in a divided government we are a nationalist socialist government…

under the Bidens the government will tip socialist…which means gut the future of the economy for the present…and Trump and Congress were doing a fair job of that because of the Covid panic even without being the avowed socialists that will run things for the next two years…

If Biden follows his buddy Obama though…good things in store for the GOP’s future…Obama nearly gutted the democratic party apparatchiki.

I see a split in the Republican Party. I believe the movement has begun do form the Patriot Party mainly from Trump supporters. Don’t know if the Democrats will split into two large parties as well.

Ran across this article by Boyd Matheson:
Opinion: Can the ‘moveable middle’ finally find a place in the political landscape? - Deseret News

As far as I know he has been a long time GOP member and even was part of the Tea Party here in Utah. He worked for Senator Mike Lee for awhile

I think there are some very valid points where it comes to extremism on both sides. I personally do not think most Americans are “conservative” or “Liberal”, they are somewhere in between depending on the subject matter. Most want fiscal responsibility, while understanding the need to help those that need help to get back on their feet.

I remember a talk from an Apostle that said basically, if there is anything in your life that is addicting or causes you to be extreme in your life, you need to reevaluate your priorities. I think that counsel today would be good to heed.

But I will leave it up to you guys decide what you want to think about Matheson comments and opinions. Just thought some people might like to read his Op Ed article.

Biden wants a crackdown on those who don’t agree with liberal ideology. This isn’t cancel culture. It’s compliance culture getting rid of the liberty of half the country. He said this in his inauguration speech after saying he wants unity. Meaning his way of unity or the highway conservatives.

As an example, we’ve heard only about the riots at the Capitol. Even today on CNN and other left wing media. Yet, Antifa was rioting in Portland, Seattle and many other cities again. There has been nothing mentioned by CNN or any TV media. The NY Times called them freedom and social justice fighters. But they attack the right as racist domestic terrorists. You keep saying it’s the same on the left and right. Nonsense! Here in small town of Santa Paula, we had a protest by the ancient Brown Beret radical organization. People had posters of Che Guavara who murdered 900,000 Cubans to do Castro’s fascist silencing of his administration. Sounds like what Biden wants to do. The left and right aren’t close to the same.

The left wing nuts want to tear down the Constitution and society. The right wing nuts are in support of the Constitution and want the people to follow the Constitution. Both can be violent. But one is fascist which will destroy at a much greater numbers.