Fumbled recruiting?

I have it from multiple unrelated sources that BYU football recruiting has been very lackadaisical in their recruiting. One kid is the QB at Orem High. 2 time state champ- 2 time MVP- Mr football. crazy numbers. will likely opt in for a mission. Another is MLB from Bingham. any thoughts?

cwood: BYU doesnt need the QB from Orem. They have 2 freshman on their roster who are much better players and they just signed Conover who is also better than the Orem kid. Frankly, the staff is looking out of state as they should be doing.

I do agree with you but how did we got Zac Wilson who was from Corner Canyon H.S. in Draper Utah 15 miles north from BYU? I am glad we got this young man.

It depends… maybe they recruit him as an athlete and tell him he can play another position. There are kids who play one position in high school and then switch to something else in college.

Not a dramatic example but Dennis Pitta played wide receiver in high school and then became a tight end in college and pros. Alani Fua was a lineman in high school and played linebacker at BYU. I’m sure there are many others.

The QB from Orem is probably a really good athlete and might be able to play a different position.

The question was: Why isn’t BYU recruiting the Orem QB in a big way? My answer is that they don’t need to recruit a QB every year when they have 2 excellent freshman on the roster and a highly touted recruit in Conover who will be back from a mission before Wilson or Hall is graduated. Oftentimes it is timing that is the most important. Really good athletes in the skill positions are easier to locate in high population centers. As you know … better than average CA athletes are in general, better athletes than the same rung athletes in smaller population states. BYU should take the absolute best athletes from Utah and then immediately go to CA, CO, AZ, WA, OR and NV to get athletes used to top competition and higher numbers.

Better to recruit speedy, large receivers with great hands😉

Yep! Speedy tough RB’s also! The irony of the BYU situation is that we should have no problem getting and developing OL and DL and tight ends and QB’s and LB’s with the LDS population … DB’s, WR’s and RB’s are the areas we have to focus our recruiting on and if we take care of business in the areas where we should flourish … the RB’s WR’s and DB’s will want to come play at BYU.

BYU used to rival PENN STATE in linebackers. Always had big tough OL to protect the QB. Sent several DL to the NFL. Weaknesses have been speed in the wide outs and dbs. D-backs looked good towards season’s end. Burt is a good sized running back-but slow developing. Other backs seem smaller and injury prone. TE is looking good and deep. Need receivers that could create space. I really liked Mitch Mathews when he was here. Find an Austin Colley somewhere and will be set😉

Wilson, documented, Life long Utah fan wanted to play at Utah but they would only give him walk on status. BYU offered a schoolie.

BYU needs a few really good RBs and we will be ready to roll with just about anyone. Katoa and now Burt are making me smile.

Thank you refreshing my memory now that I remember that. Arod was the guy that Zac wanted to go to. And Zac had Boise State for a long time until the last minute he switched to BYU.

Now I just want to go hibernate the rest of winter to speed it up and by spring/summer off to family activities and fishing and time will fly right to football season :smile:

Good points fish. Wilson showed himself in the bowl game. We shall see how in does in the first four gauntlet games next fall. 238 and counting to the Utag game in September.

Yes Dew: We shall see about the BYU men’s basketball team, right now it doesn’t look too good. We shall see. The football team has a very tough schedule in 2019. We shall see. We need more depth.

You mean end of August which it is 238 days to go. Doesn’t matter, it is close enough