Future of BYU football recruiting according to DJ & PK - Channel 2

So there I was listening to DJ & PK on channel 2 last night and they brought up this interview with Bronco about the future of recruiting for BYU Football. They had a quote from Bronco about how major conference teams were getting about 30 million from TV contracts and how difficult it is to compete with that kind of money. I guess BYU is getting 10 to 12 million. Bronco indicated the importance of getting into a conference and when asked about a time frame he said about 3 years. DJ and PK immediatly took that up as a recruiting ploy against BYU saying that recruits would no longer come to BYU because of the money differences that big conference schools are getting.

What think ye?

I think some of us have been saying that since they went Indy and were told “all is well” or we just weren’t good fans.

The writing on the wall has been there for years now, and unfortunatly for the program they are being controlled by people who are not good at negotiations. 3 years is longer than my source said the program could survive without the resources. We may be seeing the end of an era of comoetative football in Provo.

So who are your sources KC? I don’t believe that you have any.

Than don’t worry about it. Read someone else’s posts on this.