Game Day, BYU vs. Stanford

Here’s what’s BYU is playing for
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Fox Sports 1, 9 PM MST., like 10 people are going to stay up and watch this game.

What it means? Nottin, absolutely nottin.

BYU would love to get ready for their bowl game with a win. Why it counts? Recruiting, BYU and Stanford go after the same players in Utah and Caly.

Stanford, Recruiting and Coach is playing for his job. so while this game means nothing both teams are very motivated.

BYU is favored by 6.5

I watched the ND-Stanford game highlights to get a feel for what BYU is facing.

Stanford’s O liine is stout and so is their Dline. Where they have suffered is injuries to RB and Key players. This game should be low scoring.

Stanford has a really good QB, LDS by the way. BYU should win this battle but will lose if the old BYU defense shows up. Stanford has better athletes all around but BYU is way better at key positions; Better QB and receivers, Tossup at RB. Stanford better vs. BYU’s D. BYU’s O better then Stanford’s D.
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BYU should win, but so much depends on who is calling the defense. I think McKee has a field day. I hope I’m wrong.