Game day. Dixie vs byu

Game day be prepared for a high explosive offensive dual. Which is code word for go to the game because this will be a blowout

Pathetic defense. Why punt at the 50 and 2 yards?

Which one Dixie state or BYU? Dixie just scored 80 yards strike in the second quarter. Coach Tui on the field? Which I hope not!

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Why would anybody in their right mind pay money to watch this crappy product

We are called “fans.” 2nd half better so far.

Ask your coaching buddies why Brooks didn’t start the game?

Hill for president. The Rush three drop back age is alive and well in Provo to save me from going insane I just fast forward through our defense. Problem solved

Then Hill drops it. All the penalties have kept this game close.

Didn’t this game kind of go as we should have expected?

BYU is such a frustrating team to root for. They are 38 point favorites and the score is 21-20 at halftime. I wasn’t thinking a big deal when they were down 6-0 end of first quarter but I wasn’t surprised either.

I just don’t understand completely. I have my ideas but I still don’t get what the problems are…

I think they are lacking in the mental aspects of winning mostly. Other teams just play with a belief that they can beat BYU, while BYU always plays like they just aren’t sure. Even in games like Baylor earlier in the season I think BYU was surprised they won the game…

That is the biggest issue, along with the coaching obviously.