Game Day is Here!

Here it is Game Day, first game of the season, game against our biggest rival, and not a peep yet?

I’m excited the season is here! Hope springs eternal, and I’m hoping for a Cougar win, of course! Watching with a friend from the ward. Worried as heck that the game is going to go as the last 8 have.

Looking forward to seeing Wilson in action again, seeing Bushman and the other receivers break away for some big gains, seeing Williams and Katoa in action, seeing if the O Line lives up to what people are saying, seeing if there are some new stars to watch on defense.

I think it will go much like last year’s game, with BYU coming off with a 1 to 4 point win this time. No rational reason for thinking this–I just want it to happen. I want to believe in this team! Go Cougars!

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We all want it to happen my friend - we all want it to happen.

I think many are frozen and full of fear. I’m picking BYU 42-17.

If BYU wins-it will be a very slim margin and maybe a late FG to decide it

I just want to see some games that count. Preseason NFL gets boring because they don’t play starters.

After tonight, BYU will be 1-0 or 0-1…

Wilson has many several mistakes in the first have, the PIC-six was a real dousy, going down and throwing into 2 Utes on one Cougar. The best play is our field goal kicking and punting. Utah is dominating both lines.

What game are you watching? We’ve been inside the 20 yard line at least twice. They haven’t.

Don’t forget Pac12 refs are helping Utah winning this boring game. Those refs are ruining this game. Done with this game tonight.

What game are you watching? BYU only had one drive in 3rd qtr. Almost like how we played against LSU back in 2017.

DC-figures-3 man front with lb dropping-recipe for disaster. 3rd and 27 face mask-stupid play of the game. Sorry Whit gets his team to play. 2nd and 2 and u don’t run? Instead a pick 6-OC on drugs? Grasshopper score prediction-bad omen of ludicrous ineptitude . Positive note-won’t get worse-maybe

Have to get Williams running more. The defense played well in the 1st half. But, we didn’t make adjustment to their running game. No pressure in QB.
Good things were receivers didn’t drop balls. Williams can run up the middle. Wilson will be okay. Not worried.

Not worried about what?. With the schedule we have BYU will be lucky to win six games. No offense. Defensive line best by Utah, D-Backs won by Utah. Wide receivers and RB’s Utah is better. Utah QB is better than Wilson as is the UTAH offensive line. What did we win? What do we have to worry about ???

Nothing-it is what it is

I just see we need to clean up the turnovers. Then, make adjustments when teams adjust. We didn’t. No turnovers and this game is close. Relax.

easier said than done. This is a BYU hallmark, erratic play and inconsistency. They are a .500 team at best this season.

We can do it. Wilson’s a better QB and we will be fine.

This is another characteristic of a BYU season… you are delusional in the name of positivity. You should be on the team in some capacity… believing the hype, thinking you are better than reality.

No, you will see next week. Corrections will be made. Pretty simple.