Game in progress

Can’t make a 3 point shot. Is it because it’s an early afternoon game? We should be leading this game in our own gym.

Poor shooting is the main problem. Missing wide open shots.

We have to shoot 40% from 3s to win while Childs sits. Today, 33% and lose by 5 after leading by 7 late in the game.

Those Zebras won the game for sdsu. Some 15 minutes in 2nd half 6 fouls on BYU and only 1 on sdsu. It is no fun watching the game when those Zebras making nonsense calls and calling on Zac Selljiass. BYU should have won this game BUT we didn’t stop this one guy hitting those 3’s.

And are those refs going to be at the game tonight?

We had a lot of open shots. We know that we have to make 40% of 3’s to win games. That’s to overcome lack of scoring in the paint and to overcome bad refereeing. I did like our free throw percentage. We missed some layups again too. As the season goes on, we will make better passes and shoot better as well from deep.

I agree but during most of the whole game?

Yep! Being small, we will get fouls called on us. 40% for the whole game and we would have won.

The better teams we will have to shoot 50+% from 3’s. We can do it.

That was the real problem…Tj left their sharp shooter open for 3 straight 3s. Its hard to break old habits. They got back into the game and then Seljaas fouls out. We are just to lean in the post. When Nixon is a starter…and taking shots late in clock rotation, that is a disaster.

Is there a Kaufusi around that can help us for a month?

2 more 3’s and we shoot 40% for 3 and win 77-76. We did okay on defense. Our offense has to be better.