Game not starting out as expected

If there is a more frustrating team, to be a fan of, than BYU I would like to know which team it is. This must have been a really unbelievable first half of basketball against a team that has lost nine in a row.

I only saw the last 4 minutes or so but I can imagine it was bad with the score as it was and none of the LP3 on the court. That has to be an all time first.

BYU is lucky their best player is out and the refs are one sided in their favor in the second half.

Emery finally scores his first points, on a layup, with 13 minutes to go in the game… LOL!


Ten minutes to go in the game and BYU is down by 2.

This team is absolutely frustrating.

Good grief, will they ever grow up?

Portland should be up 52-49 right now but the scoreboard shows them up by 2. It looks bad for BYU. They better get it right.

Okay so they fixed the score problem. BYU down by 3 with 6 minutes to go?

Portland up by 6 after a hammer by Emery…

I feel bad for Portland, missing their best player and getting worked by the officiating. It’s a bummer for Terry Porter.

What is it with you? It’s either the refs are against Mormons or now against Porter. Always a conspiracy somewhere :wink:
Good win from an emotional down team from Thursday’s emotional game. Tired and bruised they don’t quit!

The officiating favored BYU in this game. It isn’t an either/or like you want to make it appear. The world is not black and white. Once you figure that out your comprehension level will go way up… primarily because it is at rock bottom right now.

The officials fouled out both of Portland’s big men and Mika, who had a pretty bad game overall, went after the freshman and the game turned in BYU’s favor. Up until that point they were in serious danger of being beaten by a vastly inferior team who was without their best player. In fact, I would go so far as to say if Wintering had been in the game, BYU would have lost.

So what is the Emery excuse for this game?

WOW! The officials now commit fouls while they referee. They are really talented! Change their age, body and skin color. Amazing!

The refs called real fouls. They legitimately fouled out. The Porter way :slight_smile:

I guarantee that one or two of the calls were marginal and could have been let go. This was an overzealous crew that blew the whistle way too much. 52 fouls and 62 free throws for one game is way too many.

I wish you knew what you were talking about, it would make discussions more interesting and productive. :confounded:

If there are 52 fouls there are 52 fouls. So, the officials aren’t suppose to call fouls when they happen? I would beg to differ with you…

Really? That is the best answer you can give?

I guess I should expect it by now.