Gavin Baxter, a dunking machine

Baxter, absolutely, he will be very good. Childs, its hard to judge by one game, I think he has very good potential and he could be, but I am waiting to see. I don’t think we will have that answer until into his Soph season. Baxter, we will know by the end of his freshman season. Just like that kid in the long sleeve shirt. You know basketball and talent, you will be able to tell. I am excited for both of these guys. If Childs pans out this will be exciting. I am excited for all the guys that are coming in. This is basketball heaven.

Tim Davis, Childs’ coach with the Prospects. “And I’m not saying he’s going to play in the NBA – there’s guys that have said that – but he’s the type of guy that can evolve because he handles it OK.”

So he’s o e and done???

one and done are usually a top 5 or 10 recruit. Yoelli barely makes the top 50. He’s more the type that if he continues to improve might be wise to go a year or two early depending on how things develop with his skills and the overall team performance. Lot of players who aren’t one and done make the NBA. Jimmer and Davies and Hansen for example…

Sometimes… when you and Harold post something, I wish you were “one and done”. :smirk:

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Let’s face it. You just can’t handle people with opposing ideas and conclusions :slight_smile: