“General Authorities are not Authorities in General” When you need expert advise, you should seek expert opinions”

My intention is not to be too hard on the three new hires, but instead,
it is to focus on the lack of commitment on those (with the powers of decision making)
that could have brought BYU back to where it was before the 2017 season.

I am not talking about the Glory years by any means.
I am not talking about National Championships, Heisman Trophies, Doak Walker Awards,
or Miracle Bowls, and I certainly am not talking about getting into a P5 conference
or even winning a Las Vegas Type Bowl that use to be routine.
I am just talking about getting back to where we were before the 2017 season.

I think that Jeff Grimes, with all of his coaching experience with all the P5 teams would
have been a great hire as a line coach and I am cautiously optimistic that he may work
out as an OC. It is the other 3 recent hires that give me concern.

Ryan Pugh, 29 years old, player for Alburn as an All American Center, and coached at Auburn,
Va. Tech and LSU. The last two seasons have been with # 86 Texas San Antonio, as a line coach.
Total of 6 years experience.

Let me see now !!! Line coach 2 years at #86 Texas San Antonio. What am I missing here?
Is it a lack of commitment for excellence by the administration for our BYU Cougars?
Wasn’t 2017 bad enough? Didn’t we just fire a Heisman Trophy winner with 14 years
experience in the NFL?

A great man, recently said, “General Authorities are not Authorities in General”
"When you need expert advise, you should seek experts for their opinions.” “I paraphrase”.

Perhaps now is the time to seek that said expert advise, if the correct ears are willing to listen
and to act upon that expert advise… I think our current money decision makers may do well to
hire the top consultants for the ( In and Out Burger) Cooperation .

Some where, with our current money decision makers, there is a disconnect between
a (750,000 - 1,250,000) bowl game, if we get it, and a ( 12,000,000 to 17,000,000.) Bowl game.

There seems to be a disconnect between $10,000,000 TV contract, if we get it, and a $25,000,000 contract
if we are a P5 conference team.

There seems to be a misconnect between a full stadium at maximum seat cost and a half full stadium at
minimum prices and in some cases (Hawaii), free admission to the more than half empty stadium. Nobody
wants to waste time watching meaningless games played by losers.

Anyone with a legitimate non bias grade from any legitimate University Econo 1 class will tell you that our
penny wise pound foolish approach is not worthy of any passing grade.

There seems to be a disconnect in the comparison between getting the cheapest coach you can get with all
that he can get you in return, (2017 season), vs getting the best coach you can get, regardless of cost with all
that he can get for you. (Alabama, Miami, Oklahoma, Clemson,
Wisconsin Auburn, Georgia Ohio State, TCU or even UCF, all of which, including the G5 team, are in the top
10 ranked in the Nation. They all have the hugh bowl pay out games. They all have great TV payouts. The all
have full stadiums at top ticket prices. The concessions are all willing to pay that high stadium rent.

Like our Glory Years are behind us, so are those years of finding a HC for $80,000 per year that was as great as
La Vel Edwards. Those time are gone forever unless we change our thinking in regards to being penny wise and pound foolish.

Fesi Sitake, ran the offense running game at FCS Weber State!!! Is this more on the job training???
This FCS assistant coach is an excellent recruiter !! Really??? Give me a break !!! Total of 7 years
coaching xperience in the FCS ranks. Yeah, what else. And his job s going to be what???

— —
Aaron Roderick, Awe yes, we all remember this name. He was our special consultant that we had last year.
Remember our infamous 2017 season? He did much valuable consulting in 2017. Awe yes, I remember it well.

We remember Aaron when he played for us in 1996-98. We don’t remember him as well as we remember Detmer
especially in they years 90-91. Will that give us good coaching?

It is said that Aaron has good versatility and experience and some valuable play-calling and coordinating
experience, but as a consultant to us in 2017, one would not know it.
— —

They shoot horses don’t they? Why doesn’t someone put me out of my misery. I see so many good positive changes that could be made, but I keep hitting my head against the wall and cry out to deaf ears, why must we
keep holding ourselves back? Why are we our own biggest enemy?

Grimes said specifically, “I hired Ryan because he has 6 years of experience with me, knows the calls, the formations I used on the line at LSU and the colleges before LSU. Ryan will speed up the recovery of BYU football because it frees me up from having to spend a lot of time coaching the Oline.” End of quote.

Grimes is known for his extraordinary Olines. BYU is known for its porous Olines. The game starts and ends with good Dlines and Olines. No brainer.

I could go on about the other hires but this IS a strong foot in the right direction. I would focus on the quote you threw out there, Ron…“General Authorities are NOT Authorities in General”. The General Authority that said that was saying something that needed to be pointed out a long long time ago.

Thanks for your reply fish.

You mentioned something that makes me feel much better. "Grimes said specifically, "I hired Ryan because "
One of my concerns is that those 3 other coaches were not hired by Grimes which I definatley felt that Grimes should be able to hire is own assistants. You just made me feel better.

I have question that I hope that you can help me with.

"Is Ben Cahoon going to remain as receivers coach. I love the guy as a player at BYU and I loved him for all of his greatness in the Canadian League. I feel that he needs to do a much better job teaching the Wide Receivers and I think he must do a better job inspiring them to greatness. Right now, they receivers seem very mediocre.

It appears that both Detmer and Cahoon have not been retained, to all fan’s chagrin, including me. We will just have to wait and see who we end up with.

Above Xs and Os, recruiting is also a big part of the equation. Last season I did not see one receiver on BYU’s team that scared opponents when they lined up. I have to match talent to a good QB.


I agree with your posting.
" Last season I did not see one receiver on BYU’s team that scared opponents when they lined up. "

I loved Ben Cahoon as a player. He was one of my top 10 of all time at BYU. I loved him as a Canadian League Receiver. He was in the top 10 all time for Canada.

Either we did not come close to having the talent that he once was, or he did not have the ability to transfer his own greatness to those he coached.

He will remain one of my favorite players, but I agree it was time for a change in that coaching position.