Georgia State Panthers at the Marriott

Georgia State Panthers what a cool name Panthers it’s like a cougar only it could be black, anyhow these guys are guard driven. They got some really good players. For instance,

Taylor is their high scorer 14 points game but Tucker is their star he’s only 6 foot five but he leads the team in rebounds as well as inside play

6 foot Odom is their assist guy, Point, leads the team in scoring percentage has a great three percentage

They have very good offensive prowess, but don’t worry too much about defense as a team rank in the high 200s

This will be a game Where Byu will probably hit 100 points unless we’re messing around with lineups such as getting Adams in if he’s eligible

Thanks for the heads up. Was great until the last 6 words :-/~

BYU will run Ga State outta the gym.