Gerry Bohanan is a Cougar

The former Baylor-UCF was announced today as a transfer. He’s healthy and ready to go!

I’m very excited to see what Bohanan can do - if remains healthy and back to previous form and level he will truly be a difference-maker for BYU. IF he gets the opportunity (I think he will, and ARod NEEDS him to be huge to save his own job)
Recent article in DN by Ben Criddle projects Bohanan behind Retzlaff on his own projected depth chart. Whaaaat? He doesn’t cite real reasons but essentially blames the offensive line for Retzlaff not so steller performance. He didn’t even cite he was 0-4 as a starter and completed less than 50% of his passess.
As I read his review of Retzlaff and his “strengths” the voice in my head kept repeating “Riley Nelson, Riley Nelson, Riley Nelson…” This is not good. Let’s compare: 6’1" 205 maybe, vs 6’3" 235. Experience is not even close.
Why do BYU rah-rah guys always get sucked into the love-this-guy because of his grit and unmeasurables? (BTW, that used to be code for slow, white guy). Stop it. Take the 4 star proven guy with huge upside. BTW, not saying Bohanan or anyone doesn’t have to earn it. I believe the coaches wouldn’t have went after him if they didn’t think he could be the guy and Riley Nelson 2 point 0 might not be the guy. Hey, he might. I just get tired of the decades of the “gritty guy” mentality by so many BYU fans push out there. I see ZERO reason for anyone to put out a depth chart with Retzlaff/Riley Nelson/Joey from Friends holding the #1 position over Bohanan.
Ok, that sounded personal about Retzlaff. It isn’t. Sounds like a great guy. This is directed at a BYU fan mentality that still exists too often out there.

I think the only reason anybody should think Bohanan isn’t the guy is if he can’t physically get back to his 2021 level of health before his injuries. Criddle may be looking at Retzlaff because he has a year in the system, has eligibility left, and doesn’t have a history of injuries.

Bohanan has size and mobility. His passing stats before his injuries were quite good. Based on his stats he would appear to be a good passer against P5 competition. My only question is if he is damaged goods.

I do have some concerns that BYU is into a trend of signing portal guys who will be one and done. I would like to see guys like Wilson and Hall who can start 2-3 years.

I saw Gerry Bohanan on YouTube in a 40
minute interview with Dave McCann and Blaine Fowler. He seems to be a very classy guy who wants to be at BYU. He is the kind of guy want to root for. I hope he has a great year this year