Get your tickets now!

Plenty of great seats still available. My family cut 50% of our typical allotment, and apparently many other donors doing the same. I wonder why?

I dropped my family tickets, and am going to add one seat to a friend’s group. I hate spending money on a line up with no marquee match ups at home. I am spending money to go to Nebraska and sit in the Nebraska section. Guess who gets that money?

Me too! Hitting the road games, Michigan, Nebraska and UCLA this year. Would love to come visit Provo, but there’s nothing putting this butt in a LES seat in 2015! Sorry Tom Holmoe.

I will be going to nebraska and UCLA games.
Missouri and Michigan are too far away for me, but I would love to go.
Stub gives me the best seats that I can get.

If I do go to LES, it will be to see Conn, & Cinn.
No thanks to the other games.
Oh— I might watch on TV the Boise State game. The other games I don’t think that I will watch.

What really killed the season for me before it ever gets started was scheduling (for any reason) (regardless whom we want to blame) the FCS Wagner Seahawks. Oh hum. I forgot who’s fault it was when we scheduled Idaho. I don’t even care whom we blamed when we scheduled Idaho State.

Fool me once – it’s your fault. Fool me twice, —It’s my fault. Now with Wagner, it just doesn’t matter anymore who’s fault it is. I just lost interest. Too bad.

Seek, I gave you the directions to my section, row, and seats for both the UCLA and the Nebraska games.
Please come by and say hello. If you let me know where you are sitting for the Michigan game, I will stop by and say hello to you at that game. What about the Missouri game? Will you be going to that game?

As far as difficulty is concerned, I believe that Boise State is write in the middle of the other big 4 that we will be playing. That game will be in Provo. That might be a game worth going to even if they are a MWC mid major team. I the last decade, they have had bigger accomplishments on the field than we have had.

Not a reply, but an update.

I will be attending the Nebraska game at Nebraska,
the Boise State game @ LES,
the UCLA game at the Rose Bowl,
and the Missouri game in Missouri.

If we can win any two of the 4 games listed above, I will add the
Cinncinnati and the Utah State games.

I have a block party to see the Michigan game at my house.

If we can win 4 of the 7 games listed above, games above, ik will watch the other games on TV at home. If we don’t win 4 of the 7 games listed above, the season will be over for me.

I wonder what games Jaamal Williams will be watching, if any???