Ginsberg Passes On

Should Trump nominate a Supreme Court Justice now and the Senate vote?

He absolutely should. Even Romney is now saying he supports a vote on the nominee based on their merits. The argument that Obama’s nominee was blocked in 2016 doesn’t hold water with me. The Democrats didn’t control the Senate and they don’t now either, so tough bananas. I am glad Obama’s nominee was blocked. Any so called conservative should be glad. It was the right thing to do. It will be the right thing to move forward in this instance. Elections have consequences. When you lose they are bad for your team and when you win they are good for your team. The Constitution was set up for the branches of government to have a separation of powers and provide for checks and balances. It is why government is limited in what it can do and why sometimes people of both parties get frustrated but it is the best way. Government has to be controlled or it will control every aspect of our lives.

Constitutionally Trump has the right to move forward and replace Ginsburg and he should. It is an opportunity to put another conservative on the court. If the Democrats win everything this year at least the court can provide checks and balances to counteract potential tyranny. Liberals use the courts and conservatives need to learn to play hardball.

Whoever is nominated you can expect the smear campaign to begin immediately. There is already a rumored front runner and I am sure some other names are out there and the minions of Lucifer are already going through every detail of their lives preparing to take them down. Just wait, it won’t matter who it is they are going to be put through hell before the are confirmed. It happened with Bork (too bad he wasn’t confirmed), Clarence Thomas, and recently Kavanaugh.

Absolutely, no doubt. Go for it!!!

I think it is being pretty hypocritical of the Republican party to go ahead with a vote for SCOTUS.

In 2016 McConnell said. “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president,”

Now in 2020 - McConnell says he is going to push ahead…

That my friend is being a hypocrite.

They should have ran Obama choice through the process. That was and is the right thing to do. Trump should be able to go through the process as well. Because the only time that did not happened was way back in 1880.

Mitt was right, it is a set procedure, it has historical record of what should be done. In 2016 the GOP hijacked that process for nothing more than political purposes.

But one thing Reagan showed that the best way to move forward with good and balanced policies is when there is a mixture of liberal/conservative values being included.

SCOTUS was a good balance over the past decades in my opinion.

Honestly I agree with this. But then again I see Reagan as the last good president this country had. He was there from the time I graduated HS, served a mission, graduated college and got married. The US was respected and other countries liked us. I like Trump because the rest of the politicians hate him, especially the democrats, and that means he is doing good things. Our politicians have failed the people of this country, they’re horrible. Reagan was a president of the people, politicians are self serving and self important egomaniacs. Frankly they just aren’t very good people period. The SCOTUS is way too political too. They almost always vote party lines, indicative of the fact that we have poor moral standards and ethics in this country.

Let’s be honest, it’s a mess.

Isn’t that so true… What I find interesting is both parties has not understood the real reason Trump was elected… It had nothing to do with being conservative or Liberal… It had everything to do with people are sick and tired of both parties ignoring their demands and socking it to the middle class.

Trump tapped into that group of disgruntled Americans. Results? Elected to office.

I think the word “Cluster” works for our current political situation.

If the left were reasonable minded people who REALLY cared about the constitution and the country that the Founders established - then I would agree that the SCOTUS confirmation should wait until the new president is sworn in. But with all the hatred and nonsense of the democrat, liberal, socialist in the past 4 years, I support socking it to the democrats by the Republicans.

A little historical perspective on what Romney was referring to when he talked about precedent and set procedures. And what McConnell actually said about the Merrick Garland nomination. Something like 29 times there has been a vacancy on the SCOTUS in a presidential election year. In virtually every instance there has been a presidential nominee. Only twice has the nominee NOT been confirmed when the Presidency and Senate control are in the same party. Only twice has the nominee been confirmed when they are of different parties. McConnell specifically put it in the context of Obama not having control of the senate, but somehow it morphed, either by Republicans being sloppy in their statements or Democrats and media slanting their statements and coverage. Anyone can look like a hypocrite when the media decides to play it that way.

I like how you explained this because this is what is accurate. Lindsay Graham messed up by using the election year as the reason not to vote on Garland when it had everything to do with Obama being a Democrat and leftist President. McConnell essentially said the same thing.
Graham now says he will bring it up specifically because of what the Democrats tried to do to Kavanaugh. However, Graham should have said the same thing in 2016 only using what the Democrats did to Bork and Thomas.
Floyd watches too much CNN.

I still wouldn’t agree. Remember, Obama tried to put Garland in during an election year.

My take is the President is elected for 4 full years and should endure based under the Constitution up until his or hers last day, January 19th. Trump is still the President and cannot be limited to what he was elected to do for the entirety of his term as President.

As a side note, this election most likely will be contested and a full 9 justices will be necessary to declare the winner and maybe also in the House and Senate. Trump must therefore nominate a justice and the Senate must confirm before the end of the year. Hopefully before the election.

Same old Democrat Party CNN talking points with no Constitutional understanding. It’s come down to these lame excuses and accusations that are based on the judicial perversion of “case law” over Constitutional law. Progressivism developed case law power because they could not advanced their socialist and Marxist agendas with Constitutional law in the way. Presidence is not a Constitutional provision.

What you wrote is exactly why conservatives need to pack the court when they have an opportunity to do so.

Let us all give thanks that Justice Ginsberg had the foresight (selfishness) to not step down during the Obama administration. Imagine if she had stepped down when the Democrats led the senate.

Just saw that liberal Democrats including Michael Blumberg is trying to pay felons fines in Florida so they can vote for Biden. This is a third degree felony and RICO crime. The Democrats will try this in other states. No Republican is doing anything to cheat at this election. Just Marxist Democrats. It really isn’t both parties.

I think either party should try to get their nominees approved when they can. I have no problem with the Senate refusing to vote on Garland, but seeking to vote now. In 2016, it was Obama vs. a Republican Senate; now, it is Trump with a Republican Senate. They are entirely within their rights in both cases to vote or not — even if the motive is purely political.

The Democrats are going to a) pack the court, b) get rid of the filibuster (no more Mr. Smith Goes to Washington), and c) admit D.C. and Puerto Rico as states just as soon as they can. If Biden wins and they get control of both houses of Congress, it will happen immediately. This vast overstepping will result in another violent pendulum swing reaction, the sort that led to Trump getting elected in the first place. So, the Democrats’ own ridiculousness is good in the long-term, but very bad in the short-term.

Another plus is it will allow Kamala Harris to either a) behave badly, or b) not do anything to rock the boat a week after her debate with Pence. This is a pickle, because trashing on a devout Catholic candidate isn’t going to play well when they absolutely need to peel off Catholic votes in swing states.

Win, lose, or draw, it’s going to be exciting to experience.

The political fear mongering about what Democrats might do is a possibility. However, they too know if and when it’s the Republicans turn, things will turn badly for them. They will threaten before the election but may not after. What is important is the SCOTUS needs to be an odd number of Justices (9) before the election to help fight off Democrats fraud.

Proves how stupid and out of touch politicians are. The only people they serve are themselves. Now Gov. Newsome has said only electric cars will be sold and used in California by 2035. How clueless is that? By 2035 the only people living here will be on welfare, homeless and “public servants” . People who want a job and work are leaving the state in droves right now as a once beautiful place burns and goes to pot…

Actually he said gas cars cannot be sold in California. The Commerse Clause still won’t stop people from fixing up their gas cars and driving them or buying in another state and driving back to California. I’m not worried as Newsom will not be around much longer. Either the people will finally wake up or someone will assassinate him from the car or oil lobby.

The problem is that a lot of the Californians are moving their businesses down here to Texas which has been very conservative for years and the clueless people moving in from blue states often bring their liberal views with them and are turning a solid red state purple. There seems to be some kind of disconnect that they don’t understand that the conservative mindset here is what has made it a favorable place to bring a business. There is no state income tax and relatively low property taxes. The income levels are lower than California but the cost of living here is far lower. The blue staters need to wash out the blue when they get here and get on board with what has made Texas a desirable place to relocate.

I have a friend that moved to Texas from California who is a liberal Democrat and member of the Church. He’s gotten even more liberal. He left because of the crap going on in California and yet he’s clueless on what made it a great place to move and raise his second batch of children. (He adopted 3 kids as he and his wife were foster parents). I don’t get it.