Gonzaga at the Kennel '16 version

I keep going back and forth on how well the Cougs will do.

They play horrible on the road, but have been playing better.
Defense travels. BYU is weak on the defense.
Offense doesn’t. BYU’s strength will be less.

but this was the description last February. And BYU won.
Motivation played a key part. Win and dance lose and don’t.
pretty much this is BYU’s play in game again. lose this game and NIT or win the tournament in Vegas.
This is as close to a must win as the team will face this year.
Rose tends to do well in must win games in conference…except Few seems to do better.

My take, Few is a master at finding other teams weak points and you can bet they will not be leaving Byu open for three-point shots.

Sabonis will be a handful for our inside guys I would guess that Gonzaga scores 85 and Byu scores somewhere in the 70s

Maybe BYU scores 95 :slight_smile:

Last year the game was the deciding factor in BYU making the tourney so the league made sure they had all the help they needed to get the win… and they did.

This year it doesn’t matter at this point in the season so Gonzaga will get all the help they need. So far in the game that is the case. I think the big question is how many foul shots will Wiltjer get? BYU just needs to make sure they don’t sneeze when they get close to him.

This years’ BYU team is as good as last years, the only difference being Haws… but they are deeper. Chatman still needs more floor time. He would be an asset in this game.

Gonzaga is a shell of its’ former self. I’m not impressed at all. But somehow the refs will help them just enough…

only 5 assists in the first half and Fischer waving everyone off so he can drive to the basket and get stuffed on the final shot of the half. But he’s not selfish…

Not a very good half of basketball for BYU but they are playing a very poor Gonzaga team that doesn’t really belong in the top 25.

0-9 as a team on 3 pointers for BYU and only down by 4? Very fortunate…

At the end of halves, all teams have their scorer or best player take the ball and do what he did. That’s not being selfish.
The league and refs have nothing to do with this. We can’t shoot above 42% we won’t win many games. We are 10-10 free throws including that bank shot :slight_smile:

No they don’t… that’s a dumb comment. Okay, maybe I misstated on Fisher… it wasn’t selfish, it was stupid. He should have looked to pass.

The officiating in this game is over the top. They are the focal point of the contest and they should be going unnoticed. Your ideas and theories about winning and losing are based on stats and nothing more. Anybody can analyze a game looking at the stats. Why can’t you come up with something innovative once in awhile? There is more going on than a bunch of stats…

They are not! They are only your focal point. No one else’s.
0-12 3’s is why we are losing. Our guards are 6 for 25. That’s is why we are losing.

Stop yapping about the stats all the time and analyze the game !!!

Don’t just throw out a bunch of numbers, try to come up with a reason for why they are missing shots or something !!!

I’ll wait to comment more after the game. Too many fouls being called…

Stop fouling then. And make layups.

I was sooo wrong about this game. The story is BYU played ridiculous defense. So good that I could haide an 0-12 3 point dud.