Gonzaga defeats #1 Duke today

So, for those who think Gonzaga gets special treatment in the WCC, they are legitimate.

Your comment is irrelevant. Just because Gonzaga beat Duke does not mean they do not get special treatment in the wcc. They have gotten it in the past and if necessary they will get it again. Of course they are a good team, they are always a good team, some years better than others.

I have watched way too many of their games and I know what I see. My only idea is that they have earned that special treatment over the years because of what they have done for the wcc. Nobody else has earned anything except some decent play on occasion from St. Mary’s and BYU but not enough to warrant anything. Gonzaga has earned the right to special treatment. I’m not saying it is right, just saying it is.

So I guess what you are saying has some truth to it. They are legitimate and as a result have earned the special treatment they get.

ST. Mary’s also played well against a top 15 team. I think the preseason guesses are correct. The question is whether BYU can continue to improve shooting from 3’s and continue to improve in their defense. I say they can especially when Emery gets back.
Gonzaga does not need special treatment this year or in the past. They should look into their recruiting and see if there are payoffs going on with them. Same with SM.


I have seen wcc games in the past where it was clear that Gonzaga benefitted from officials calls and it was helpful to them in winning some games they might not have won otherwise. I don’t know if it is the respect for Mark Few or the concern that the wcc has for keeping them in the conference because they are the golden goose, but I have seen it and there is no denying it.

Look like Gonzaga playing at North Carolina on Dec 15. Will UNC going to get special treatment more than the Zags???
I hate this “Special Treatments” to certain schools in other conferances and it needs to stop.

Correction, it is your opinion that you think you saw bias for Gonzaga. But, only your opinion. To be factual we need to see faxes, emails, texts, letters, video and audio conversations proving facts :hugs: