Gonzaga gets some assists from the officials

and runs away from SMC.

SMC lost the game in the first half, believe it or not. They were blowing out the Zags but the officials wouldn’t let them get too far ahead. They could have been up by 20+ with some objective officiating but only led by 11. The key call came with SMC still up 15 when Pangos gets a phantom call (there was no foul) on a jump shot and makes the free throw to cut it to 12. GU takes the momentum into the locker room and comes out on a 10-0 run and I knew it was over. It didn’t help SMC to try and get the ball inside or drive to the basket because they only shot 7 free throws to GU’s 19 for the game.

SMC is not a very good team but they put it together in the first half and could have been up big if not for the officiating that ALWAYS favors the Zags. It really is a shame because it is worse than having to play Kentucky in the wcc and anyone who thinks it will end, when the hyped “Lone Peak Boys” finally get to BYU, is crazy. They will have to play twice as good as Gonzaga just to have a chance… and when that chance looks possible, the officials and the league will snuff it out.

Not surprising. Seems to be that way for every Gonzaga game. Maybe this explains why they have so much trouble trying to get into the sweet 16 now days. The WCC tries to make them look better than they are.

The massive smack down we put on the Zags with Jimmer in the tournament is still sweet to me.

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