Gonzaga loses again

Gonzaga is beatable. BYU has to get shots to fall from 3’s more and we can play with them. Atiki needs to play more. He’s raw but has to get in there.

Yes, outside the wcc they are very beatable. Their freshman is good but inexperienced and mistake prone. If things aren’t going their way they play in desperation mode.

When they get to league play the script will take over and they will get the calls and the love from the conference so as to make sure they stay highly ranked in order to get recognition for the NCAA tourney draw. BYU has little hope of beating Gonzaga this season and even if they did, it simply won’t happen come league tournament time.

I disagree with you on this one, and many other things sports. We do need to see a couple of things happen:

  1. Stop shooting so many 3’s. 12-15 a game is all.
  2. George and others have to stay healthy.
  3. We have to hope Harward can return before league begins or at least when we play Gonzaga. Aitiki won’t be ready by then.

Yeah, Harward can slow down Timme and Holmgren. :rofl:

I agree… may have to play Harward and Fousse at the same time. Baxter at the 3.