Gonzaga part 2, The bad and the ugly

1 BYU has had 4 horrible starts on the year. Where we get behind big time in the first few minutes. You draw up your own conclusion.

  1. After the slow start, BYU played the #1 team in the country even.

  2. Poor reffing! Gave Gonzaga too few fouls, penalized BYU for tacky stuff.

  3. Turnovers, 19 for BYU and 10 Steals for GU. The sign of super quick, smart athletes cutting off passing lanes for GU… Just 5 better athletes and why GU will win it all this year.

  4. After pathetic starts for ABBA, they both put on a show for the rest of the game.

  5. Harrms and Harward and Lee were complelely SCHOOLED by Timme. Timme out rebounded 13-7 all of them combined. Outscored all of them combined 20-2. All 7’3 Haarms in 16 minutes got 1 rebound

  6. Johnson came to play, Lohner, George and ABBA were our best 5 out there. In my humble opinion Pope needs to draw up more Lohner-George plays and get these two used to scoring and taking the load off of ABBA.

  7. This loss does not hurt us one bit in the big picture, but because of the Whimpy WCC and these teams refusing to play, BYU cannot fill stats and may be judged harshly by the commitiee.

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