Good luck to the cougar vs Gonzaga

Just reflecting on what a lot of cougar fans have been posting lately, it might be construed that BYU fans are really hyper-critical of the players/coaching staff. I don’t see this at all and I know that all these fans love BYU sports and get frustrated when they don’t excel up to expectations. I enjoy the comments of 98% of the posters on this site and although I don’t always agree, I respect their opinions and insights. That being said, BYU has a big game against Gonzaga tonight-a game they are fully capable of winning, in fact-i expect them to
win, if Haws is playing and close to 100%. The game means nothing in the conference, but it means a lot because it is Gonzaga, and Gonzaga should be who the Cougars would like to be-a well coached, talented, successful program that’s has established a college basketball pedigree and really why shouldn’t BYU be able to accomplish this goal. What does Gonzaga have that BYU doesn’t? Better facilities, more students, more money? I think you know the answer to that. Better athletes, better reputation, better coaching-i believe you know the answer to that one also. So maybe we need to stop with the feeble excuses- Like missed lay-ins or poor three point shooting or cloudy weather-and go out and take command of our resourses and build the program to our own expectations. A good place to start is to win on our own home court tonight and then build on our program from there. Most of all we need to stop whining about what disadvantages we have and capitalize on our strengths, which are many compared to the relatively poor, Catholic schools and their old, cracker-box gyms. Go Cougs

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