Good ole Bronco

BYU and Virginia have now switched their home and home series for a 2 for 1, with the Provo game coming after the two Charlottesville games. I would have thought Bronco would be a little more considerate, knowing how hard it has been for BYU to schedule home and home series. What are the odds that the Provo game ever happens?

Head coaches don’t deal with the scheduling. Only the AD & Administration does this. Sad as it is. And who knows BM might not be around at that time. We might not see IUVA at Provo like ND did

I think fbsschedules got it wrong. From the BYU website, "The game between the Cougars and Cavaliers originally scheduled for 2019 in Charlottesville has been moved to 2021 and will be played in Provo. The 2023 game originally scheduled for Provo will now be played in Charlottesville.

The two universities added an additional date to their agreement and will face off in Provo in 2025."

That’s a two for one in BYU’s favor.

That’s good. I see that UVA has the same announcement on their site as well. I apologize to Bronco. And in response to David, while head coaches may not directly deal with the scheduling, I have to believe they have some say in the matter.

Interesting discussion here…

I agree that it seems like a coach would have some influence on the schedule but who knows?

What I do know is that it seems like no matter what Bronco does, he is criticized over and over by BYU fans. That is something I just don’t understand.

Not necessarily meaning to pick on you Kay, but you know what I mean?

Bronco said he worked with Holmoe on the scheduling - don’t know to what degree. I was glad to see Bronco move on and I guess we will possibly get more clues about him in the next 2-3 years.

Bronco did an amazing job leaving BYU in great shape. He did us all a big favor by leaving and taking Anae with him.
Just Sayin

Jim, I generally have been very supportive of Bronco and tried to ignore others who were criticizing. However, when I first read what is now clearly an incorrect news account of the additional game, I was not happy because I thought Bronco would show more love for the school that supported him. Now that I know that the article was wrong, I’ve apologized and am happy that Bronco has given BYU a 2 for 1, something that is unheard of for a P5 school. And yes, I do believe that Bronco had input on BYU games while he was coaching here, and he also has some input at UVA.

My bad. I thought it was the other way around with schedule. 2 in Provo and one at UVA and we play them first at home, I hope BM does well and coach there longer.

I esecially agree with the second half of your post.

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