Got my Ty Detmer poster signed yesterday!

Ty Detmer is our district athletic director. I switched over to the ALA system (13 schools with 12,000 students in the East Valley in the Phoenix area), teaching German. The principal knows I have been looking forward to meeting him, and yesterday during the last hour, they both walked in. He said he understood I have something I needed signed, and I lit up and fetched my “Detmer III: The Final Return” poster from his senior year (after the Heisman). He shook my hand and signed it, and some of the kids were amazed that he had won the Heisman, played in the NFL, etc. His Texas accent is thicker than I thought! :slight_smile:

Max Hall is the head football coach at ALA-Queen Creek (I’m at ALA-Ironwood). Ty was hired specifically as a networking contact for college recruiting. While the ALA system is heavily LDS, there are more non-LDS than Church members, overall. The faculty tends towards Church members, and this is an issue for some people, but not most. They chose ALA for the atmosphere and culture.

Congrats, I like the idea of that ALA system. So Detmer is the recruiting coordinator for those 12 schools?

Yes, he’s specifically over recruiting and networking with colleges. We, Queen Creek Unified, and a handful of charter schools are the only schools open. We have minimal restrictions (masks “required,” per governor order, but our policy is that no students or staff will be “punished or challenged” for not wearing one. So, there are people without masks (most have them). I have a bandana around my neck that I can pull up if I have to (if I can tell my not wearing something bothers someone).

Ty was wearing one when he came in, but took it off when I figured out who he was. He also shook my hand without a thought (I asked if I could shake his hand). Very nice guy!