Grading for Tech game

Hopper will be happy to know that I am not grading his favorite player Knell the worst player today.
He is tied for worst though.
Knell F
Hall F
Johnson F
Robinson F
Fouss F
Saunders F
Kalifa F
Waterman F
Whomever I forgot F
Yes, that bad

It’s time to start the best players. Especially with Khalifa injured. Not sure about that. We can’t get down to teams like that.

its a bitter pill but the real games start next week

Get out and do something you love.

Pope has got to think about this 3 point game when shots don’t drop.
We all watched the high low that Pope ran on Kansas with Foos and Hall making Kansas look stupid.
Just sayin
Go cougs

I love love love this year. These guys have done things no one thought would ever happen.

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Well, when Fouss came in, they did try to run it. But, he was double teamed and trapped, threw the ball away a few times. Didn’t work. He needed to pass quickly. TTU’s defense was ready for that. We shot 35 3’s, that’s about average. Wide open 3’s as well. Should be able to shoot in the 30% range and keep up with their hot start. Time to start Saunders and Robinson. Khalifa hurt, where was Atiki. Might as well play him.
Back to back does not help BYU. None of them are ready for the NBA.

How do you think where they will be seeded?

Not in Salt Lake…TCU s ores 15 points in the first half. Back to back is bad. TCU has 18 offensive rebounds too. Can’t make a layup. They are lucky Houston isn’t hot.

Didn’t they change the rule a few years back that teams could not be in their backyard for NCAA tournament games? Or did they change it back?

If you had a wand and could do what you want with the team:

What would you Pope does concerning players next year?

Meaning who should they recruit, What areas would you sure up, etc.

Nope. They can be in their backyards. Never had that rule.

try a different argument, 20% is a 100% loss every single time

5th seed in SL City, the USF game was the important game…this TTU game was about getting a better seed of a 4 or even 3 if we continued to win.

Tom and I have been talking about this all year.
BYU will forever be lacking in explosive points and forwards that can take over a game and get that shot to drop or get fouled and make a game ending FT.
All final 4 teams are set up like that. Everyon once in a blue moon, you get a team out of nowhere like FIU last year that had shots drop (BYU CAN be that team if 3 got 4 games where our 3s go in) but Blue Bloods always have NBA type Point Guards and or a Forward that can’t be stopped.

Chandler and Issacs to two guys that will be a major upgrade for BYU so Pope is trending in the right direction. hense the post about, Pope is red hot, can we keep him here at BYU?

I know only Johnson has run out of eligibility. It would be nice to keep everybody and add Baker, Adams, Chandler, and Isaacs. I guess that wouldn’t work. There wouldn’t be enough minutes. You can only realistically run an 8 to 9 man rotation and keep people happy. I suspect Robinson leaves for sure and maybe Waterman. That would still leave 5 of the top 8 and adding the others this would still be a deep team and a little more athletic.

I would also like to see a better option at point backup than Stewart. He can give Hall a rest for a few minutes and he doesn’t hurt anything and plays solid D, but it would be nice to have a point guard that can score and make plays and
play point for about 15 minutes and play in tandem with Hall on occasion. I see Hall as a really good player whose only weakness is free throw shooting. He needs to play 30 + minutes but not all of it at point.

Chandler is going to get minutes from day one. HE is that good and Hall needs a great backup. I feel for Stewart, he is so loyal to BYU and a good backup but Chandler is our 2nd highest recruit of all time and so needed as BYU’s production dives when he is sitting or gassed out. (posted this after I saw your second paragraph, great minds think alike)

Davis is going to be special but Adams has a year in the system as does Baker. Here is what I know to date. Tom can correct me if his source tells him…

Waterman wants to come back. look at his growth just this year alone and if he lived in the weight room all summer, he would get paid lottsa money in Europe. 60% he stays-40% he takes the $ now.

Khalifa has said he plans on coming back. Same as above.

Robinson, would be surprised if he returned, depends on how he plays in our next 2 games

Leaves BYU with this core-
(that team right there is as good as this year’s team in my mind)

Does Saunders become the 6th man award winner? Or Baker?
Chandler becomes Hall’s solid backup

Davis becomes Adams backup.

Khalifa continues to be interchangeable with Foos. Pope will be actively looking for a true center in the portal.

Expect a new contract deal for Pope announcement John Calipari has not said anything about retiring soon and has 6 more years on his 86 million/10yr contract/

If those are the main team, the key will be if they can all work together as this year’s team. When you have that many strong players, they want to have to give more than they receive. With the injury bug, we need some pure shooters to stay another year and a possible young center that can develop.

This is not an argument. It’s an observation that cost us the game. It’s also a reference to the stupid idea that teams should be required to play back to back to back to back….just to show their worthiness. Division tournaments would elevate this except maybe for the finals. Okay that game back to back. Don’t be so argumentative.

When did Kalifa get hurt? they said he sprained his ankle during the first half. Didn’t notice it.

I didn’t see anything either. Probably just an excuse as things were going badly.

OH, like Knell? bruhahahaha

if you presented it as an observation rather than, “make 3s makes for better defense” then we would all be clapping for you.

Here you go, Floyd and Hopper

Sprained ankle takes BYU’s fasting-for-Ramadan center Aly Khalifa out of action in loss to Texas Tech – Deseret News

Argumentive, hopper, learn how to present your ideas without pissing people off.

Here are two examples from actual comments after the loss.
Opinion 47 said,
" I gotta say, it’s been a great year so far for BYU basketball even with this loss."

followed by
“He hurt his ankle? Wow, I bet grown men who have to work and pay taxes care. They all getting paid NIL money now so they should collect disability! LOLOLOL”

Hopper, you can change, you don’t have to be an AS_HOLE all your life.

You are the queen of argumentative responses. You see what you want to and not what is in front of you. I’m also able to respond under control. Unlike yourself. Shame on you.

I would love to have Noah back with 10-15 pounds of Richie Saunders-esque shoulders and biceps on him. I’ve grown to love his game. Or maybe I just love his mom in the video so I root a little harder for Noah. I seem to recall Yoeli Childs’ best offer was something like 2 grand a month in Puerto Rico or something lame like that. Most guys that leave early don’t get paid like they think they will.
Noah needs to come back.

I agree on Jaxson—likely gone. That’s too bad because he doesn’t look even a little bit ready for the. NBA. I know for a fact BYU is working VERY HARD to get him to stay, provided he hits the weights.

Speaking of weights, there’s Marcus Adams. He has kept the weight on all year and Coach is not really stoked about that. It’s a discipline and work thing. The talent is undeniable, but he needs to get his body ready or he won’t make it.

Speaking of bodies, please please check out the BYU Basketball promo photo for Isaac Davis. OH MY. He’s bigger than Fouss, runs like a deer, and jumps like Superman. Can shoot the ball and can even handle it a bit. No way they keep him off the court. BYU rarely gets an athlete like this and Pope won’t waste it.

Speaking of athletes, Collin Chandler is not some slow kid from your local YMCA league who just shoots 3s. He is a DYNAMIC WILDLY athletic guard who plays above the rim, can score from anywhere, has a great handle, and can creat his own shot against B12 defenders. JUST WAIT.

Speaking of waiting, we all had to wait to see the real Dawson Baker. He is a baller. Can get to the rim with either hand and score in the paint through contact. Can hit from deep. Is athletic enough to compete on the dribble with the beastly defenders in this league.

If I recall, SJ didn’t have any real offers out of high school. Knell offered by Cal, an awful program in an awful league. Noah didn’t have any big offers.

Chandler, Adams, and Davis were ALL TOP 100 recruits nationally and were heavily recruited. Baker was the best player two year ls in a row on a decent mid major team. These guys are a gigantic talent upgrade for BYU, and what we need to win the B12 is TALENT. I LOVE this team but I swear I’m so sick of guys just chucking up 3s like it’s the only way to score.

Ditto, and moe ditto, and thee times more ditto.

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