Great Huge win!’

What a great comeback! We got hot and overcame poor free throw shooting and missed layups. Nice coaching Rose and great play Luke!

What is going on with Childs? He’s been missing those left hand flip in shots badly lately. And, those lazy passes that get stolen or almost stolen.


Wasted post. Nobody is interested.

Don’t bite, Jim. Hopper is baiting you.

Luke hit the nice layup (off a great pass) but other than that he played like his normal underwhelming self. 14 mins, 2 rebs, 3 fouls, and 1-4 from FT line.

I documented in another post what a terrible timeout that was by DR with 6 seconds left when he called TO which helped SD to set up their game tying play. In that scenario, you want to let the play go and be helter skelter. SD set up a terrific play with Emery getting back screened on the 3 pt line and no BYU defenders helping.

That’s what you are doing during games, sleeping. :weary: