Great Opinion Piece from Paul Shoemaker, former BYU quarterback

Loved this piece from Paul Shoemaker in Des News:

And especially liked this comment below the article:

First full game against a P5 opponent last year for Mangum was not Nebraska (Split time with Hill who had a better half then Mangum in that game).

Stats for Hill against Arizona, Utah, UCLA compared to Mangum against UCLA, Michigan, Missouri:

Hill QB Rating 102.9
Mangum QB Rating 94

Hill Passing: 68-116 58.6% 628 yrds 4 int 2 TDs
Mangum Passing: 65-116 56% 543 yrds 2 int 1 TDs

Hill Running: 117 yards
Mangum Running: -43 yards

Stop saying Mangum was better. He didn’t get better until the competition got worse. Don’t tell me he was rusty and got better. His second worst game was his last game of the season against Utah when he had a 92 QB rating, worse than Hill’s this year.

Hey then, let’s run Mangum out of the program because he is not worth a plug nickel. Right. Strident retort for a strident post.

Good grief. Hill and the O line and the receivers are stinking it up. It’s not just Hill. Mangum WAS fresh off his mission last year and was a freshman and the O line had their problems last year too and the running game was not that hot either.

If the run game cannot get going, who has the best passing skills. I and lots of so-called and real “experts” say that Mangum is a better passer than Hill. Why not give Mangum a shot IF Hill continues to flounder. If both flounder then give the ball to the third stringer. I am not sure the O line can be reasonably shored up 3 games into the season and if there were real quality receivers who could get open consistently, wouldn’t they have done that already.

If they can’t significantly improve against the WVa. defense, then it truly is a lost season.

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Did you even read Shoemaker’s article, Roy, or just not comprehend it? Or did you just read the quote from the comment after the article? Shoemaker actually says put Mangum in if Hill continues to have trouble.

And the comment above wasn’t from me, just a person who had actually gone to the trouble to look at the facts over the last two seasons. The evidence shows that against similar competition, Mangum hasn’t shown that he passes any better than Hill.

I think the coaches know what they’re doing, and they’re going to play the quarterback that they think brings us the best chance for a win. Some people seem to think that when we had great passing quarterbacks that we never lost games. We did. Plenty of them.

I have high hopes for a win against West Virginia. With Hill.

Excellent analysis! Let’s hope Hill can get it going now!

So what’s the beef with my post. It is not all Hill’s fault but if things remain stagnant then try Mangum as Shoemaker suggests. Oh, I did not read Shoemaker’s article as I have decided to stay away from all the TV, radio and written hype. I was simply responding to your post John I cam across more cranky than I meant to as I was late for an appointment and didn’t have time to edit my tone. I support the coaches and Hill in the decision to start Hill tomorrow. There are times I wonder about the coaches decision and there is a recent circumstance with “ol noodle arm” as some folks have labeled him.

This is not something unusual… :astonished:

Oh, hmmmm. Well . . . Ummmmm Ok.

Ya stay away from listening to people who actually know things :thinking:

Oh, hmmmm. Well . . . Ummmmm Ok

I noticed that Utah barely beat a poor USC team.

Saw the 2nd half of the game. Gutsy game and ending - Pukre Luck. Noticed wild celebration of Kyle Whit - wow. Good for them but will they beat Arizona (at RES) on October 8th?