Great talk Dieter!

Hopefully we all listened and take that to heart, grace is a wonderful gift from God. Happy Easter to you all.

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After all we can do. Did you catch that too? That it’s not like standard Christendom believes. And, others spoke about keeping the commandments, all of them. Including Dieter. That includes how Grace and valiant testimonies (or non-valiant) interrelate with respects to Eternal Life.

I liked his talk in the priesthood session better.

I hope there are a lot of people who were listening to it and actually take it to heart. Too many out there are all about the image and perception, the stats and making sure they look good. Unfortunately they don’t really do anything to help the poor and less fortunate.

They are compelled to own a big house, expensive cars and dress in fine clothing while their fellow man suffers. Now before SG goes telling me it is okay to work hard and earn all those things in a capitalistic society, I call BS and say “No, it is not”. To those who believe that way of thinking I say, buy a more modest home, dress nicely but less expenxively, and drive a more economic vehicle without all of the fancy, trendy stuff, etc. Use the money that you have been blessed with to bless others more abundantly.

Take heed to the voice of the prophets and do what the Lord would have you do.


I also remember often times hearing the Brethren tell people to save for a rainy day so we don’t become the burdens on society with our over-spending mentality. Here’s a fact: 76% of Americans live pay check to pay check. So, I’m trying to figure out who these people are you say are stingy? Are you suggesting that the Stake President is sinning because he owns a Mercedes? If I saw him driving around in a used Yugo, I would think he’s not a very good attorney and would not hire him if I needed one. But, I’m sure he gives generously, don’t you?

I was watching the epic, The Ten Commandments" last night. I enjoy watching it every year. Then, the Lord carves out the commandments and the last one is "Thou Shall Not Covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ■■■ (I should write in here “truck” since the program thinks I’m swearing), nor anything that is thy neighbour’s. What your Elder’s Quorum President buys with his money is his business and certainly we shouldn’t judge him either, right? That would be coveting and judging unrighteous judgments. And, he most certainly has the right to buy an expensive car if he wants to. And, more power to him if he doesn’t and gives $50,000 to fast offerings…


There are far more people doing it the wrong way, as evidenced by your paycheck to paycheck comment, than there are doing it the right way. Also, I am pretty sure that there are a lot of wealthy people who are trying their best to keep up with their neighbors, who have money too, instead of helping the poor and needy. Sure there are people who give generously, but I’m guessing they are the minority.

You seem to enjoy judging people by their outward appearance (that attorney that drives the mercedes) while the Lord judges them on the inside… and their hearts. We are all stewards over the blessings we have been given and some are more blessed financially than others. Regardless, the money belongs to the Lord, not to those individuals who are blessed with it. By the way, our stake president drives a camry…

So while you may have “heard” Dieter’s talk, it doesn’t sound like you were listening very well.

Perhaps the real reason for most living paycheck to paycheck is because people’s income has dropped substantially. Many part time as before had full time jobs. Lack of raises coupled with higher taxes and inflation.
It sounds more like you are judging people’s heart without knowing their situations. Shameful coveting. It’s best to worry about yourself and not judge others. I drive a Lexus. I paid $6,000 for it. But, the way you look at things, you are judging me falsely too.

What are you talking about?

I’m afraid there are a lot of misconceptions (which does not surprise me) regarding what I am talking about. Shameful coveting? There are so many ways I could go with a comment like that but I will digress.

As far as living paycheck to paycheck, that situation has been taking place since the beginning of time, not just a recent thing because of dropping income, lack of raises, higher taxes and inflation. Yes, those things can exacerbate the problem but they are likely not the cause.

Oh well, no need to discuss this further.

As usual you are clueless on this subject. In years past as well as in other countries, families had enough money to take care if most of their health problems. Insurance was for major medical issues only. People were saving for their retirements. And, it wasn’t a right to go to college. Taxation, progressivism, socialism have increased costs and decreased savings.
I could go on and on but I’m sure you wouldn’t follow. As far as the Camary, why doesn’t he buy a horse and buggy and give that money to the poor? Where does it end? We teach to be self-sufficiency. So,take the savings from a Mercedes to a used Yugo and save for rainy days, college and missions and retirement? That way, fast offerings can be used for the truly needy instead of payments on mortgages, which has happened in our stake.
To say everyone driving nice cars living in big houses are greedy is rediculous.