Great write up on Tuiaki Defenses. must read

Ok, this writer, Corley Ward, knows a whole lot more about BYU defenses then your average writer and breaks down just how Tuiaki plans to use his trademark drop back 8 defense (you know, the one that makes us all crazy) and still get pressure on the QB (something we all have been craving)…Excited (me) my only doubt really is our D middle, who replaces Tonga.

The Great Compromise: The defense that BYU fans crave (

  1. I’m missing Dayon Gholowholiku already… yes, they say our DBs are the best in years, but that dude was an NFL talent.
  2. BYU always has really good LBers, expect Chaz A U to have a breakout year.
  3. With veteran talent at every key position, I expect BYU to compete in this P5 schedule…BTW, Whitt says he have excellent talent everywhere at Utah. If BYU can run on Utah, I predict a win, If not, its a loss.

He got moved to Safety this year to help replace Warner and Andersen

I knew that…hahaha. I just forgot.


Thanks for your post.
I see a 7-5 or maybe an 8/4 season for our Coughs this 2021 season. How do you see it?


10-2 as the P5’s we are playing are mostly beatable

2021 will be 7 wins and 5 losses :frowning_face:

We have talent at all the skill positions. We could be real good…but I see three things in the way of a 10-2 or even a 11-1 season:

First, injuries and attrition. We are playing P5 teams and in the past have hung in there until injuries pile up, then we end up losing to a USU or someone we had no business losing to like a UConn.

secondly, we always cough up a loss that to some crappy team. Ga So may end up being that team.

third, How we play on the road…USC is a loss. Baylor, most likely a loss. W St. 50/50. Ga. So. is a TRAP game…then we have Utah and Az St., two very tough games.

When you play a P5 schedule, it’s the trenches that win or loss games and BYU is very thin on defense along its Dline. If we get pushed around, they just resort to bully ball, game over.

I would be ecstatic if we went 8-4.


I totally agree with all of your points in your post.
I may be a bit more optimistic than you with the Washington St. game.

Let me share my opinion with you. (If we stay healthy and if there are no distractions), I believer that
an 8-4 season Is very likely.

Expected Wins For BYU Expected Losses For BYU

Arizona (+ ) -------------------------------------------Utah (+)
USF (+) -----------------------------------------------Az St. (+)

Utah St ((+)---------------------------------------------Boise St ( -)

Baylor (+)------------------------------------------------USC (+)

Washington St. (+)
Virginia (+)

Idaho St. (+)
Ga. Southern (+)

I see an 8-4 season for BYU

I think that Arizona, Baylor, Washington State, and Virginia are 4/7 of the P5 teams that we can and
probably will beat. Shame on us if we do not beat Utah St., USF, Idaho St., and Ga Southern to round off 8 wins for BYU.

I think that Utah is really too good again this year no matter where we play them, Our house, their house or on neutral ground.

Arizona St. is also off to a great start. and I believe that it doesn’t matter where we play them this year,
they should be able to outplay us this season.

The hardest pill to swallow will be a loss to Boise State @ LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo. This is their year more than it is our year in 2021.

USC at their home field in LA is out for revenge. They want retribution. They want to set the record straight for all Bruin fans. They want to destroy BYU. BYU won’t allow for total destruction, but a 10 point loss or more to the Trojans in 2021 will happen.

We can all pray for a Miracle and finish the season 12-0 and play a bowl New Years Day, but miracles are better spent on healing the sick and the country.


From what I read, I believe that we have about the same amount of injuries and attrition as most of the top half of the 130 teams. Our big advantage seems to be in transfers. We are #3 in transfers out of the 130 school. Somebody(s), at BYU is doing a terrific job in holding our team together.

While I am pretty firm on my 8-4 prediction, I can see a possibility of upsetting Boise State in Provo with our 12th man/woman surrounding the field from the bleachers. That could give us a 9-3 season.

The only way we could possible do better than 9-3 is if we beat 1,.2, or 3 teams among Utah, USC, and Arizonia. All 3 of these teams are starting the season ranked. We are starting the season somewhere around #45 or close to it.


Start practicing now to be ecstatic at the end of this season with a 8-4 record in the books.



The record will be between 6-6 and 10-2. I like to be bold in my predictions.

Safe as well :grin: