Greatest Laker Kobe Bryant dies this morning

Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash this morning… only 41 years old…sounds like one of his daughters was killed too😔

shocking, wow.
In his prime, no one could touch him. Expected to see him for many years and gone in a sec.

I taped his last game where he scored 60 points and brought the Lakers back for the win. Seeing his reaction and interaction with his family, especially his younger daughter who died with him showed how much he grew up. I played that last 6 minutes of the comeback over and over for a year before deleting it. And his daughters death is hard for parents to process.

Horrific tragedy-my heart goes out to his wife and daughters and the unnamed others who lost their lives

Now they say 9 died. I’m afraid it was maybe 4 girls his daughter’s age and a parent. They were going to a basketball event from Long Beach to Thousand Oaks. Hit the mountain in foggy whether.

Just saw that the others innthe crash were named. Besides Kobe, his daughter and the pilot, two other young women who were teammates with Kobe’s daughter and 3 parents and the coach of the basketball academy. Very sad!

Yes it is and sad for anyone that dies before their time