Grimes may be coming back

What do you think?

How about Grimes as the OC and Arod as the line coach?

Or Fesi as the OC and Arod as the WR coach. I think Kalani mixed the two assignments up a couple years ago and just never bothered to fix it.

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You think Grimes would take a lesser position now? I don’t. Grimes as OC and Arod as War or OL.

The question really is, would Sitaki take him back after he bolted so quickly?

Grimes was a better OC than Roderick has been no question about it.

If they bring him back and he accepts, I hope it is the OC position.

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I am pleased and hopeful. He is an excellent coach that relates well with the players. I really believe that he would help BYU regain much of it’s former success on the field and as a team.

I know Kalani is probably a little more like Edwards where he allows his assistant to “run with the ball” so to speak, where the Baylor coach may have limited what Grimes could do.

Loved Grimes being over the Line, you will see a vast important next year if he is hired.

Grimes did real well his first season at Baylor

I am not sure how the HC environment at Baylor, so I am saying that is a possible reason for the poor performance.

I heard the rumors, too. But it appears he’s going to Kansas. I liked Grimey, but we apparently weren’t willing to put him back in the OC position. No reason for him to step back to position coach if other teams want him as OC:

Then we missed an opportunity to upgrade.

And the pitcher winds up and throws, here comes the pitch, it’s a meatball down the middle, and BYU SWINGS, and…OH NOOOOO, BYU MISSES!

Well put
Meatball is a nice touch