GU 36. SM 34 at half time

Could SM show GU can be beat?
Meanwhile, BYU doesn’t lose after blowing 20 point lead.
Nice game Luke :slight_smile:

Gonzaga wins 69-55 so the answer is no, SM cannot show that GU can be beat. Meanwhile at least St. Mary’s didn’t embarrass themselves at home and lose by 30.

I didn’t know either of those teams had a player named Luke.

If you are talking about Luke Worthington, he put up another goose egg with 1 rebound and a flagrant foul to go along with it. So yeah, I guess that was one of his better games.

Did you say something?

Just responding to your nonsense… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, great game Luke

Knocked a player out.

He knocked himself out by pummeling Luke’s elbow with his head. Bad call :slight_smile:

I think the answer to our lack of decent recruiting, talent identification, and in game adjustments will arrive next year when with absolutely no coaching experience … Luke will lead us to the WCC championship or the NCAA tourney!

You think Rose will be gone after this year?

No, I think Holmoe is stubborn and doesn’t
Want to throw away Roses contract money. Rose will remain until the end of next season and he will retire or be gone. That is my prediction.

You are probably right.

This made me laugh. :joy:

Now I know why Rose wants Luke as a graduate assistant. He is grooming him to become the next head coach!

Of course that is a joke. The real reason is because Luke is a yes man who knows nothing about the sport so while he can’t offer much in the way of advice or assistance, he will make a great, enthusiastic bench guy who will tell Rose how awesome he is.

I think you are jealous that you didn’t get a scholarship at BYU to play basketball! That’s what this is all about disting Luke over and over!

Speaking of BYU, scholarships, etc. I know you went to BYU but did you actually graduate?

If grammar and spelling errors were convictable offenses, you would be doing some serious jail time.


Einstein struggled with the math. But, he got the credit for his sound theories and facts. See if you can respond to the topics and statements :slight_smile:

Let’s give Hawks some credit. He correctly predicted Luke’s Flagrant foul and poor performance on Sat night vs San Diego. Hopper - Please admit that he was right.

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I think he paid the ref to call something even though it wasn’t a flagrant foul. The guy attacked Luke’s elbow with his head 4 feet off the ground :slight_smile: