Guest commentary: BYU men's basketball program on track for future deep runs into the NCAA Tournament - 21 Mar


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These articles are hard to read and digest. I am totally willing to have faith in and believe I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and a family that can be eternal. I believe in the atonement and the power of prayer. I see evidence of these things all around me and in my life.

I cannot see that evidence when I look at the BYU basketball program. I cannot be satisfied with the “wait until next year” mantra that never changes. In order to believe these predictions I must see evidence that they can happen. As long as BYU plays in the wcc with Gonzaga I don’t see the Cougars being able to get past that wall… ever. I saw it in the ncaa tournament but that was before BYU came into the wcc.

I will wait until I have evidence and know that it has happened before I get all excited about “next year”.

Lol! I thought JH would post this first. You know maybe not next year because Zags will out play us with eight players on their team and Coach Few will be in charge. Right Jim?