Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Utah lost!

OK, OSU fouls Loverage on a bad call shooting a 3 (Utah was down 2)-2 seconds left. Loverage hits all three, game over, right?

Not so fast, OSU bounds in to Thompson and as he heaves a midcourt shot, yours truly, Brandon Taylor, fouls him with no time left…Thompson hits all three. Game OSU.

You can’t make this stuff up. Utards. Karma is a ________!

Was Taylor just trying to protect Thompson so he didn’t come down awkwardly and sprain an ankle? After all, Coach Krisco is all about safety first :joy:

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still chuckling every time I think of Taylor fouling a 0 chance shot. He is a senior and has been told not to be within a mile of something like this.

I just hope it made Sports Center. KrytoWhack just announced that he will be cancelling any future games with OSU. The reason, “My guy was just running and Thompson ran into him”.