Happy New Year! Idaho State Game

As I just texted my buddy in the program, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Or, happy BYU hoops opening day!

Nice DN article about Kolby Lee. Sounds like a nice kid and I’m wishing him well at ISU.
No need for Chris Bailey to post a scouting report about this game because it should be a major league blowout. But it counts!

It will take a few games for us to see how Pope uses each of these new guys. For me, one of the GIGANTIC keys to this season is whether Hall can prove that he can run the point next against good competition. If so, he could be our PG for 3 years in the B12 and that would just be HUGE for Coach Pope to have that kind of veteran leadership at the point. Pope certainly isn’t a stranger to putting two PGs on the floor at once, and I hope Hall gets some good minutes in the first several games.

Another HUGE key for me is whether Robinson can be a star. He projected as one out of HS–he just BARELY missed a 5 star rating; he was .9770 on 247 sports, and .980 would have made him a 5 star. He should have plenty of opportunities tonight vs meager defense.

BYU 90 ISU 70

It’s much more difficult to figure who will mesh together well and get the wins we need. The 2-3 position is full of many that could emerge. If Johnson plays like he’s gained 15 pounds of muscle like he says he has and shoots like he did in exhibition games, then he will get lots of time this year. I hope the others waiting for their chance will be patient and not go portal.

I think SJ will be a good player. Can he be great? Not sure.
I think we will have several guys leave for the portal every year moving forward. The new reality. It also means we will get a couple from the portal. It’s like we traded Seneca, Lohner and Baxter for Rudi, Waterman and Robinson. Could be a pretty good portal trade for BYU.

welp, I think that was answered when Pope benched TO prone Rudi for Hall in crunch time. Did I think BYU would lose the game? No, not until we hit the last minute of play…Exhale, Johnson hits the game winner. Clutch.

A lot to digest about this motley crew. I sat next to Tom Holmoe last night so I had a pretty good view of what was going on out there. I will post what I saw.

I am impressed that Jaxson Robinson was on the court after the game working on his free throws and three-point shooting. It looked like Trevin Knell was helping him.

Haha I’m still trying to understand what I saw…
Half our guys looked unsure of whether to pass, shoot, or just throw the ball away.
Rudi…I’m a believer. Should have shot more and passed less. Looked totally uncomfortable about how assertive he should be or not be…He’s a good scorer and should force that issue.
Hall did a good job of beating his guy on the dribble, forcing inside help to come, and passing to Fouss for a good shot. One of the very very few bright spots of this game is Hall has to feel confident that he will get time if he plays well. I want to see him beat his guy and then pull up to shoot from 12 feet the way AB did so often. If Hall can do that, it will really force the post D to extend out to him and be easy pickings for Fouss.
Things may get pretty ugly at SDSU.
I’m looking forward to going to a practice and a game in a couple weeks. After this opener, a likely rough loss at SDSU, and what should be a W but not an easy one vs Missouri State, Pope should have plenty to say at practice. He sure has plenty to think about today…

call me when you do, I can get in anytime I choose. connections.
the tickets for the ISU game…Coach Rosbie Mucherson from ISU. go figure.

give and go, Hall to Foos, then back for a Hall layup. Want to see a Monster Hall dunk next time.