Harding a future star?

The OR game. here is what Harding acomplished

Played 22 minutes, 10 ponts on 4-8 shooting, 7 rebounds and 2 steals. All while not being a go to guy and having to take the shot as a 3 or 4th option.

If Emery takes minutes from this kid, I’m going to be walking in front of the Marriott with a big ol sign.

I have been very impressed with Harding. He has the size and body of Kyle Collinsworth, some of the skills, but a much better shot. I thought Baxter would be a bigger impact player than Harding but I am changing my mind on that. It looks like Baxter has taken Worthington’s minutes and that is a good thing. He can fill in for Nixon or Childs. Lee looks like he just needs a little more experience and Worthington should become a garbage time player only. We’ll see what happens. Lee does look good shooting the ball and has a lot of body mass to take up space under the boards and score down low. I think he just needs some time to develop. Given the right coaching I think he could make an impact.

People talk about Harding subbing for Haws or Hardnett but personally I would like to see him starting and taking Seljaas minutes. He has about as much size as Seljaas and definitely more skills. I would like to see a starting five of Childs, Hardnett, Haws, Harding, and either Nixon or Baxter. That would be my top six with Seljaas and Emery, when he comes back, rounding out the 8 man rotation. I hope Rose doesn’t immediately insert Emery into the starting lineup.

If he does, it would be for Seljaas. He’s not going to replace Hardnett. It’s always tough to get players minutes that are good enough to play a lot. Cannon is slipping and I can see Emery backing up Hardnett, Haws and Seljaas.
The real key will be who do you have in the game when it’s a close game. I would have liked having Emery in at the end of the Nevada game.