Harding gone...will his wife go too?

As a freshman, everyone thought Harding would be great. But he really didn’t produce much this year. His wife did. Will this complicate the women’s team for next year?
This means maybe AB is coming back. Still need a big name player for the guard line to transfer in.

I think it depends on where Harding transfers to and how much he wants to separate himself from BYU and the Utah Valley. My initial feeling is that he will transfer to UVU. If so, I believe Paisley will stay at BYU.

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That would be the less selfish thing to do.
Of course, if he’s hoping to play in Europe he has to go where he can score a lot.

From starter to near the end of the bench in one year with guys a year or more behind him ready to take even more of his minutes. Plenty of reason to leave. Utah needs a bunch of holes filled and Harding played significant minutes on two top 25 teams. UVU can of course use his services too but I don’t know how well he fits into their current needs. Madsen, like Pope, though and even Woodson at IU, is starting to learn to drink from the transfer pipeline.

You think he would play at Utah? With his wife still here at BYU?

If he leaves for Utah Paisley will be gone from BYU.

I can see players coming from Utah to BYU. That’s a no brainer. Going from BYU to Utah? :moneybag: