Haven't been here in a while and it appears little has changed

Let’s talk sports for a moment. Just had to comment on the sudden and serious collapse of our men’s volleyball team.

Have enjoyed watching this team for years but not this year - and not because I’m a fair weather kind of guy and don’t want to support a loser. This group of guys is flat out just a very disappointing group, without leadership and obviously without the drive to get better. They are worse now than at the beginning of the year (never mind a few injuries here and there).

My observations:
Worst pass and serve team BYU has put on the court since the nineties. Not one guy that can consistently receive and pass the ball in good position for sets - not one.

Serves are equally poor. I believe some of these guys could almost do better serving underhand as even half their floaters go long or into the net. Who does that at the elite college level?

Turning the ball into the court is another huge problem for the team on blocks. Their hand positioning is pure awful, literally forcing the ball out of bounce.

And to top it off, they dig very poorly, including the liberos.

Lost a group of great players last year and no one has taken their place. I think Ohlmsead is struggling big time with this group as they are an all out error machine. One more match and their season will be over and maybe a bit more time in the gym will help them.

Being pretty harsh here but this group is the epitome of under achievers, as I believe talent is there.

It’s all about chemistry and if they don’t find that at some point in the season it is tough to coach a group of players to do that. Experience and chemistry are the keys to great volleyball teams.

It’s more than chemistry. It’s lazy recruiting and disinterest in developing talent. We need a new coach
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: (now where have I heard this before?)

Seems to happen more with away games than at home. It’s a young group so I hope by next year we see improved skills, better timing and more poised at away games.

How many more days until the Utes? 146!

Fortunately the basketball coach disagrees with you and he retired!

It’s definitely a rebuilding year. These guys have to learn how to play together.

I was being facetious :face_with_monocle: