Having trouble following day/date on posted messages. Greek to me!

Having trouble following/finding day/date/time on posted messages.Greek to me!

Well, in the upper right hand area of a post, it shows a date or hours/minutes depending on how old it was posted. Most other boards put the actual date and time of the post.

The main page times seem to be confusing at times. Sometimes after I post, the main page will either display the time of the last post (mine), or the previous post.

So what else is new here?

I am not on here enough to get it all figured out. Is the timing or date of the post coded? Can’t seem to figure how to ask a question or start a new thread. Would like to comment from time to time but hard to determine if it is an old/stale topic.
I am fed up with all the clowns/trolls on articles on Des News. Any BYU article draws more clowns than BYU fan comments. It is beyond me why ANY attention is paid to Chris B. He should be totally ignored. Drives me nuts.

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I am not on here enough to get it all figured out. Is the timing or date of the post coded? [/quote]
Upper right side of the post. Shows a date after so many days (not sure how many). Otherwise its in minutes, hours, or days since the post was made. Your’s said 8h when I posted this.

Easiest way to start a new thread/question would be to determine which subject you want first. Suppose I wanted to start a thread on how BYU Football will do this year. I would first go to the Main Page. I would then select the category ‘Football’ . At the top right hand side, there is a button called ‘+ New Topic’. Press that and you have two entries, the subject, and the content.

Thanks Russ…can you tell…my age is showing. D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R

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Is this a countdown like a NASA lift off. Too much baloney on this Board Rickster.

I still, like many other posters, like the old format wherea thread can be followed from the original post and be able to see all of the posts in the order, time and date when they were posted. The format of this new Board just is not really user friendly.

Yes, there are some benefits to the old style as long as the comments stayed on the same page. When they rolled over, it was difficult to follow at times. I too like the frame setup to select between different topics quickly.

Roscoe: Baloney!!!