Haws Shooters Camp will be held at Orem High School on June 13-16 - 13 Jun

Link: http://www.heraldextra.com/sports/high-school/basketball/haws-shooters-camp-will-be-held-at-orem-high-school/article_56166a74-97a6-55f5-be8d-946d72b34f23.html

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Not sure how or when or why this site makes random decisions to lock a particular post. It doesn’t make any sense.

I watched the video of fish’ post below but can’t link it here for some reason.

From Fish’ post - “Christian Popoola Jr…Dang it, he is from our own back yard (Lone Peak), whats with all this inbreeding…Oh, wait…He came from Bishop Gorman, Nv… Sigh. Relief.”

I did notice that the guy was the wrong color… that was a dead giveaway for not being a local LP guy. Did his family move to Alpine so he could play basketball? :hushed: He was at the “Pangos camp” or something and I thought to myself for a moment, why do all of these former college players have camps? That is why I posted here in the “Haws shooters camp” link. Seriously, these camps are a waste of time and do nothing more than help these guys make some money (15-20k) and really do little in return, except get kids out of their parents hair for awhile. Seriously, they are charging kids $10 an hour or actually $750 an hour to teach them how to shoot a basketball? If anybody sees it differently, feel free to comment.

Our cultural and societal obsession with all things sports is beyond sensible. It is causing us to regress as a society and making us ripe for destruction, just like other great societies in the history of the world. It creates pride, misguided priorities and other things that weaken the country as a whole.

It’s weird in my opinion…