Header for Each Sport

The problem with the new board is it is hard to sort between the different sports. I would like to see a header with each sport. Then I can choose the sport that I want to look at. This will make it easier to navigate.

You can do that. You are most likely on the main page where you see every post based on when it was posted. You can sort above by catagory and specific sport.

The best part of the new board is I don’t have to log in and log out in mobile every few minutes. I logged in once and every day I open the webpage it remembers my login. It’s still difficult for me to get used to due to the format, but it is a better mobile site overall than the old one.

Yes, I know about that. That takes 3 clicks, not one.

Amen Comrade D, or is it “Brother.” I surely don’t know who you are or anyone else on this communistic Board.

agreed. Put a header for each sport like the old board

If you click “categories” on the main page you can see all of the sports.

I’m not sure you’re getting what’s being ask to be changed on this board. What is being asked, I believe, is that the initial board entry would show only topics like Basketball, Football, Off-Topic, etc. When you select that particular board, you then see all the categories associated with that said topic.

Here is an example of how other forums do it…

I see. We will work on adding the following links in the header: Football, Basketball, Off-Topic, In Game and Suggestions. Here is a mockup. We have made some changes to the front page. Here is a screenshot.

Looks good to me so far.

I like this setup much better.

What about some other modifications? What about username editing? Allowing users to choose between threaded and nonthreaded conversations?

I’ve made it possible now to change your username. There was a restriction in place to not allow after three days of registration. That has been removed.

I’ll look into whether we can do threaded or non-threaded conversations.

Thanks for the feedback and input.

Nice positive changes so far Nate!

Thank you, and to those that are helping you too!

could you also add a link on the forum page that sends you to the news page or what used to be the front page?

@fish We are working on this.

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Question, where is the main page? I am not sure where it is.