Heard a rumor why BYU is not going to be invited to the big 12


We will need to RESPECTFULLY disagree on this one. I am sure that you have read sources that confirm your point of view as I have reads sources that have confirmed my point of view. Perhaps each point of view as some truth and non truth.

You mentioned the Pac 12 network that pays so little in comparison to the SEC and other higher paying contracts i.e. ND with NBC and even, to a lesser extent, BYU with ESPN.

At all times, except for when UCLA plays BYU, I am also a UCLA fan having attended both BYU and UCLA, and I can tell you that most Pac 12 fans that I know can not get the PAC 12 network on their
TV. Most fans don’t get to see those games and the commercials that goes with those game.
I think that one has to go to pay TV to watch games on the Pac 12 network. This is a conference network doomed to failure.

The network ship has sailed for now

There is a different rumor every single day. Believe none of it until the formal announcement is made.

sound advice. Ben, but Texas and Ok run the big 12 and what they think and do will determine what the big 12 does going forward.

$$$ runs football America and the big 12 just distributed 30.4 million to each school. 30.4…that is third best in the country behind the SEC and the Big 10. If they can make more $$$ by adding 2 more schools, they will do it. If not, they will not.

The fact that they think they can get away with having a championship game without two full divisions does not look good for BYU going forward. I still think they have to expand, that is all.

What I’m seeing suggests that it would be foolish of the BIG 12 not to add at least two more schools, it for no other reason than to take money out of the picture for other conferences. Not having a conference network makes the markets in question less important, and actually helps BYU’s case.

read all the way down at the bottom in comments…specifically Texas. There is your answer.

Texas will not dilute the big 12 by adding old big east schools or Houston. The only answer for expansion is BYU plus one other if they expand at this time.

I will take it one step further, Texas has no interest in adding sub P5 or average P5 programs. Texas in thinking that expansion should be adding some ACC teams in FL St and Clemson.

All we can do just keep on doing what we do. WIN and WIN MORE! Who knows something good going to happen with our new FB Coaches and BB LP3/4 + Some. Stay Independent until they (any P5) call us. We are not going back to G5. When are we going to hear anymore from Tom Holmoe just to keep our spirit up high?


The Sear’s cup race would put BYU in the top % of any of the G5. It is just a matter of time.

It’s not a rumor. Until you hear otherwise, BYU is not going to the Big 12.