Here are some nuggets from today's scrimmage

Kaufusi has gained 40 lbs since April. Still plans on rejoining the team in Dec.

Hacob Hartsock is in school and may rejoin the team at some point in the future

BYU is practicing in their new facility.^tfw

TJ is being called “the Ginger Mamba”. either way, you’re still dead when he strikes

Rose is designing the offense to get the low post players more touches.

Davis, Mika, Dastrup, Childs and I like it

Only 3-4 weeks to go! I am looking forward to seeing this team play. I hope they are as good and I hear. You can tell Rose is excited. He thinks this front court could be the best during his tenure at BYU. All the guys comment on how skilled and talented this team is and the good depth. The only thing they need to develop is chemistry and learn Rose’s modified offense that will be less guard dependent. By the way, for old guys like me, is Ginger Mamba making reference to the red-headed “Ginger” from Gilligan’s Island?

Kobe was the Black Mamba…ginger mamba refers to tj’s hair and his kobe like abilities on the court is my understanding.

Hartsock coming back to the team would be a definite positive step. More big wings would just make the team that much more difficult to deal with…

I like to know WHY Jakob Hartsock left the school?
I can’t wait for new season and see they perform. I heard the kid Rose got some knee issue and another transfer player twisted his ankle. Hope they recover soon. Not so sure about 8’s and nothing has been said about him.

Yes, Bryant had his knee scoped. He could of played with some torn cartlege but decided to “clean” it up before the season. should be good to go.
Rose, the Houston transfer, has a history of injury, He makes BYU deeper so it would be good to see him ready…having said that, BYU has 4 or 5 guys that can play the point and we have never had that at BYU…ever, so Rose’s injury is not worrisome to me in the least.

Having watched the LP boys for 4 years, I thought we would be seeing TJ join Emery and Mika as starters. Rose all but confirmed it this week. TJ is indeed compared to Kobe Bryant because he will attack from anywhere. He loves to attack inside, has all the moves, can break your ankles, or shoot from Jimmer range.

In the past BYU has made it to NCAAs with good guard play and poor inside play. Rose has for all the years we have had him as a coach has done it with guard play, now we have 3 legit inside recruits, top 100 players big men in Mika, Childs and Dastrup. Rose has to include them or that pipeline will slam shut so Rose will change the offense to include these guys and playing in the guard dominated WCC will be a challenge because the force you to have 3 and 4 guards on the floor, a feat that only Coach Few has pulled off in the past.

Hartsock is at school; he is not with the team right now. Apparently of his own accord because Coach Rose seemed happy about the possibility of his coming back, though per the after practice interview yesterday it sounds like more of a next year thing than a this year thing.

Rose has more than once mentioned that only three guards have experience with college ball. Emery, LJ, and Brig. LJ with Houston and Baylor, Brig as Conference Frosh of the year at Elon. Every single one of the other guards are very fresh to Div1 bball.

Given that means that 2 of the 3 experienced guards are not in practice to implement the new offense, I’m somewhat leery of how well the first part of the season will go.

What is wrong with Hartsock? Is he injured or just another quitter?