Here comes Virginia

There is no time to rest on the WSU victory. A very good offensive Virginia team comes to Provo next Saturday. Much better offensively than BSU was. Of course, surprisingly, with Bronco as their head coach, they aren’t that good a defensive team. So it will probably be a scoring fest. BYU will probably try and control the clock by what they did in Pullman-run the ball and pass effectively. Romney will probably be out, but they are deep at receiver. My observations tell me that Hall doesn’t look as good running or throwing the ball as he did pre-injury. Whereas Romney looked great before his concussion, throwing, not only his accuracy, but getting rid of the ball quickly and efficiently. I would guess that Hall gets the start, but I wouldn’t hesitate to make the change if things aren’t working out. A win and the worst BYU finishes is probably 9-3 and a shot at 10-2. Much better than most predicted preseason

What’s the weather forecast? Wet? Watch the SF-Colts game and you would understand all my points. Fumbles galore. Interceptions.

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Virginia will score a lot? HC Kehlani better get his act together to insert Baylor Romney because I don’t think Darren Hall can keep up the pace in scoring. BYU got talented receivers who are hungry catching a lot of footballs from Baylor Romney.
If Virginia is that bad in defense and maybe bronco Mendenhall should take DC Tuiaki with him?

It’s about football so it’s in the right topic. You’re in the wrong universe :grin:

Lol I doubt he will. Honestly, I think the game plan will be to limit the Cavalier’s possessions by running and throwing short passes and using up the clock. I’m a big Romney fan and when Hall is on target and running aggressively-I’m a big Hall fan-just haven’t really seen it since the rib injuries, which I can sympathize with as I fractured 4 of them and a clavicle 7 weeks ago and they still :face_with_thermometer: ache

Cracked ribs Playing football? Went to BYU practice to show how Hall and Algiers need to cover the ball in the rain?

According to KSL Weather repot tonight no rain or snow for this coming weekend in Provo or in State of Utah so get it over with this rain talk - good grief!

Did you see the SF-Colt game tonight? It was raining and fumbles galore with passes picked off. Just like with the Boise. I rest my case :sunglasses:

Gonna be 10 inches of rain, golf ball size hail, a foot of snow and a thousand blazing meteorites hitting the field, all during the game. BYU will fumble or have intercepted 25 times versus Va. But Va. no turnovers of any kind. TOP for Va. 53 minutes and for BYU 7 minutes. So, Va. 77 points and BYU 3 pts. The fans clamor for Bronco to take back the HC for BYU.

Be careful what you wish for…

Alzheimer’s Hopper? You should know by now, I can’t see much anymore and I don’t watch games any more on TV (sad). And again from weather report last night said that Mill Valley north side of Golden Gate bridge they had over 11 inches of rain so far. yes I can see why all those Fumbles, nothing compared to BYU played against Boise state by far.
I am done taking your bait about rain!

How do you reckon we will hold up our end of the bargain in a scoring fest? I think Bronco and Virginia will be very stout on defense against us, regardless of their defensive showing this year. I think our defense is going to get mauled, and we will lose badly on TOP and drives.

I hope I am wrong.

I also think Hall will be used until it is “everlastingly too late.” Sitake does not make decisions based on what is best for the team (cf., Tuiaki, Hall, etc.) or what the best approach for the situation is.

I believe the plan will be on BYU’s end-ball control, so if successful, the score could very well be 20’s or 30’s. I’ve watched Virginia several times this year and their defense isn’t good, so BYU should be able to be successful offensively and if they can’t score at least 7-10 more points at home against a weak defense, than they did at Washington State, that would be really disappointing. Ultimately, defense will determine this game-who has the best mediocre defense. One thing in BYU’s favor is Virginia’s QB is not real mobile, but he is extremely accurate, but if they don’t get in his face he will torch BYU

Just admit I’m right. The amount of rain isn’t important. The ball is wet in any rain. We weren’t ready for the Boise game. As I said, that was on the coaches not preparing them for the wet ball. The Washington game was in the rain but the coaches corrected the problem.

Rubbish! The defense gave up only 19 points. Except for the Baylor game the defense has done their job stopping high scoring against BYU.

Hall has a QBI rating of 79.5. 50 is average. He’s ranked 11th in the nation in QBI. Enough on Hall.

The Virginia game will be interesting as they have a QB that has 3,000 yards already. A big key then will be keeping them off the field with lots of running and short good passes. Take care of the ball and rush the QB a few times.

Agree with you. Ball control will be important. But, expect Bronco to do what Boise did on defense to stop the run.

That is the single biggest factor in the game. Virginia is very pass lopsided. Pressure Armstrong and win the game. sit back and rush 3, lose the game.

Rush 3 and drop 8-my biggest fear going in

Is any other College Football team using this inept defense? It virtually guarantees a rush play will get 4 yards and a short pass will get 6 or more crossing zones. Who wants this defense? I agree with Sr Burton and Fish. Find a better defense or lose more games. Go Cougars!