Here I sit broken hearted…

Thinking of what could have been but only farted. It’s an age thing…:grin:
I know people have their opinions about a lot of things. But, here are some positive things to chew on:

  1. Even with another lineman injured, we moved the ball in the first half. With better development, keeping the best players, this team will be better next year. Instead of complaining, we need to be positive and supportive so the players will want to stay. We see what the basketball team is doing because of the continuity of players growing together year after year.

  2. Retzlaff will get much better as the players work together. LJ Martin can be a great running back. He needs to work hard and be the #1 back next year.

  3. Based on the last 2 games, with current coaches, a deeper team will give us a chance for a 9-3 or 10-2 year next year.

Feel free to jump in.