Here is what stats will tell you

BYU was ranked 39 when we lost to UVU, fell to 81. actually jumped up when we lost to USC, today we sit at 60 and will most likely sit there until BYU figures out how to hit a 3.

For the first time, BYU ranks as down right poor in two catagories; 3 point %, 29% and turnover margin @ 16 per game. Tempo and Av time possession will always be abysmal in a Rose system as he loves to push it.

Work out TO and 3 point % and BYU will be pretty much unstoppable.

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Fish, you are right on!! It boils down to those two issues. How the coaches address those two areas will tell us now this season will play out in the win column. If Bryant was healthy, he would help the 3 pt %. But the TO margin is going to take a change in starting line ups, I believe. LJ Rose has shown signs of unusual carelessness with the ball. He is also a liability at the 3 pt line … in that he won’t take them when he should because of confidence issues and when he does he is 28%. Haws hurts the team in both TO’s and 3pt shooting %. He is even hurting them in 2 pt shooting %. I would insert new blood into the lineup and let them get 25 or so minutes of playing time in 3 consecutive games to see what that would produce in them and Haws coming off the bench.

That about sums up the situation! How long has it been since we had good post play? Now that we have it, our perimeter play has disappeared. Like you say, fix the TO and 3pt issues and this team will live up to billing. I really think the perimeter game will come around as our guards settle down and start knocking down the shots they’re making in practice. Bryant will help too when he gets back to where he was. Steve Cleveland singled Bryant out as an impact player from what he saw in practices before the knee surgery.

Before the USC game his “unusual carelessness” consisted of 43 assists to 8 turnovers.

If we had a few more such careless players things would definitely be much improved.

Just listened to the Steve Cleveland interview the day after the UVU horror.

In his opinion, both the TOs and the 3s not falling stem from the new offensive focus.
I have my doubts. too few players were around for the older focus. Emery is the only real offense left over from last year. To me the TO and 3s problems come from the newness of the team and the inexperience of the team. Both should be solved by the time the SMC and Gonzaga games roll around…should be…

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Harold, the unusual carelessness I was referring to was the USC game. 5 TO’s to 3 assists for Rose. A pt guard should accidentally get more assists than that. BYU had 16 TO’s to only 9 assists in the game. USC was 10 TO’s to 15 assists. There is the difference in the game. Haws and Rose were the two culprits as they had almost 60% of BYU’s turnovers. In addition, the Emery and Haws shot selection and forcing up shots that should not have been taken puts BYU on its heals on defense with fast breaks coming down the floor at our hoop. So, yes, Rose had a bad game vs USC and that will sometimes happen. But, when he goes out of the game, rather than Beo coming into take control of the floor at the pt, coaches allow Emery or Haws to bring the rock down the court and that is when things start getting away from us.

Those are the two areas I said was the problem. Fix those and we start winning.

Looks like they are in process of being fixed Rose goes out for a rest and Beo comes in. Less TO’s more assists and a calming influence. Big win for BYU. If we can get this game plan a little more refined Illinois is going to have a problem containing BYU’s offense. BYU has to continue getting better on D. Davis, Haws, Emery and Mika have to focus on D just as much as getting their points.

Don’t you think it is very interesting that Rose left Childs on the floor in crunch time and when every single FT counted? As strange as seeing Beo play the rest of the game over Rose?

I think you have to play Childs, he defense and rebounding are just too important. The guards will learn who to pass the rock to in crunch time so we all don’t have sphincter attacks when he gets the ball and gets hacked.

I maintain that Rose is the glue to this team but it sure feels good to see Beo get time in a sticky situation.